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22 Aug 2012 at 7:55:39 AM
Hello Joey, 

 we moved to our property in 2003, before the house was completely finished -the roofing was completed of course - but at that time we didn't have a kitchen, meaning stove and benchtop, also no front door, just a temporary door that was not used until probably in mid 2004. since then we have done some improvement to the front and backyard as well, and I am still doing work on the property, painting the building and another driveway. My question is; considering all these does our house fall under period 7 or period 8 .. thank you and kind regards :)
22 Aug 2012 at 5:50:16 PM
Hi Joey, 

 I did attend your workshop in some where 2010/2011 in Times Square KL. Very impressive talk. Thank you. 

 I had an enquiry ... In the 12 animals signs, people are mostly prefer to have Dragon & Tiger's baby, so what is your opinion / advise for those baby who are born in the year of Snake 2013?

 What is the area that we need to concern must? month & time delivery? parents Ba Zi? What is the most compatibale animals signs for the Snake? How a person to handle his/her inner fear of the Snake? Any cure?
22 Aug 2012 at 10:30:14 PM
Hi, Is there anyway where I can buy all of your reading material? Do you give discounts if I buy plenty of your books? Please let me know. Thank you!
28 Jul 2012 at 11:52:11 AM
Good Morning, Joey! 

 First of all, I would like to express my gratitude of being able to learn from you through YOUR metaphysics books esp BAZI books as well as YOUR Q&A forum. THANKS VERY MUCH! 

 ACTION being taken since 2007 up to now: 

 For BAZI, Completed Reading the following books: 

 1. The Bazi Destiny Code Series: Book 1 until Book 4 (And waiting for the BOOK 5 (Qualifying The 10 Gods) 
2. The Ten Day Masters (10 Books) 
3. The FIVE Structures (5 Books) 
4. The 10 Profile (10 Books)

 OUTCOME (Jan - June 2012) 

 1. Successfully find a right partner/mentor that is complement to my Bazi Structure and Profile.

 2. Applying SME Bank Loan (Graduate Loan Scheme) in Water Industry (Retail Shop Selling Fast Moving Consumer Goods) in KK, Sabah.Loan Approved with condition: I had to resign from my current job and find good location shop to rent. 

 3. REJECT the offer due to unable to find good location shop to rent as well as job resignation requirement. Learn a few real life experiences (correct me if i'm wrong): 

 1. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is located at East of Malaysia (Wood) and Wood is one of my unfavourable elements. As a result, I cannot find find a good location shop to rent at there.

 2. Wood reduce my Direct Officer Star (Yang Water) strength. As a result, loan approved with condition I had to resign my current job (Direct Officer)

 3. Even though, this year is a strong Dragon Water, my Bazi Chart showed a partial combo of (snake and dragon) and doing a water industry business (fast moving consumer goods), the reality is the above 1 & 2 point (wood strengthen fire, plus I born in summer as a result water evaporate more faster than it produce) counter back the 3 point.

 4. Direct Officer star (Yang Water) to me is favourable and useful gods. To enhance Direct Officer Star strength, I need to start my career (in Finance and Banking Industry) at west country e.g KL, Malaysia. 

 QUESTIONS: Within month of July 2012, I re-assess my Bazi Chart and would like to seek Joey's advice on Which of the following is the least resistance and practical pathway towards achieving my Financial Goal:

 1. Being a full time job (lecturer cum researcher), and start doing a part-time job as a insurance (Finance industry) agent (motivating customer to buy: Rob Wealth Star element).

 2. Being a full time job (lecturer cum researcher), and start doing a part-time job as a real property (Earth Industry) agents (motivating customer to buy: Rob Wealth Star element). 

 3. Being a full time job (lecturer cum researcher), and start doing a part-time job as an agent in both insurance and real property industry. 

 4. Being a full time sale agents in both jobs: Insurance agent (Finance) and Property agents (Earth Industry). Thanks for your continue support. 

 Regards, Ivan Ho
8 Aug 2012 at 2:56:37 PM
Dear Joey, 

 Most ba zi analysist in Jakarta claims that people who are born in New Zealand and Australia cannot "calculate" their destines by bei pan (North). In your opinion, for people born in Indonesia, can they have their destinies read from bei pan or nan pan (north or south)?? 

24 Jul 2012 at 2:49:53 PM
Dear Joey, 

 A Big Thanks You to you for refering me which book to read for beginner.After reading Feng Shui Homebuyer Exterior/ interior/Apt owner and Pure Feng Shui,I have better understanding on feng shui.Like what you have alway said Don't let what you Can't do stop you from doing what you can do. 

I have fews questtion need to be answer and advise. I stay in HDB Block, build in period 7 and movein in period 7 ,sitting NE ,facing SW2. 

1) Handling #3 and #5 facing stars (pg 91 Pure feng shui) The cure weakening the #5 facing star is by Metal.Base on my house period 7 natal chart ,the palace base star #7 ,sitting star #9, facing star #5and is at NW palace which is Metal. In period 8 the annual flying star is #7 star which is also Metal.Do I need to consider period 8 annual flying star when I use period 7 natal chart? Can I go ahead to weaken #5 facing star? 

2)Xuan kong flying stars pg 280 My Main Door is in straight line with the sliding glass door exit to balcony .If I use a sreen ,must the sreen be higher and wider than the door? Any suggestion? 

3)Activating Peach Blossom Star (pure feng shui pg 136) If a household have 2 person with the same animal sign or earthly branch , is that mean both of them will have the effect when activating the peach blossom star? 

4)Water feature (pure feng shui pg 125) Activating the annual#9 star with WATER feature ONLY if is in SE , E , N and SW . If is in W , NW , S and NE use FIRE feature.Why the differ? Do those rules apply to activating the Nobleman star ?

 Best Regards 

7 Aug 2012 at 11:51:55 AM
Dear Joey, 

 I really enjoy reading your books. I have read the first two of your Bazi books, Feng Shui for HomeBuyers Exterior and Interior, Your Aquarium Here. Lately I am into your Xuan Kong Flying Stars FS Book . It's kind of addicted though, haha! Please let me know where i can find Book 2 'Structures and Combinations' as well as Book 3 'Advance Techniques'. I can't find them at any of the major bookstores. They are also not listed in your online store. Anyways, i am a bit lost after reading the 'Flying Star Book 1' and compared it against the suggestion in the book 'Your Aquarium Here'.

 Hope you can help to enlighten me. I am having a N2 Period 7 link-house. There are 2 front doors to this house. A sliding glass door at NW, which we are using it, and a wooden door at NE which is not being used (as we were told there is this 'white tiger' at the right side). From 'Your Aquarium Here', the suggested locations for aquarium are N or SE. 

 My questions are as follows:- 

1) The N sector is having a double 7 Flying Star - i do understand the need to observe Indirect-Direct Spirit. But since FS #7 has become untimely, is it still safe to place aquarium here? 

 2) If the answer to Q1 is positive, can i place the aquarium here starting this year, since the FS#2 flown to this sector in this year 2012?

 3) It seems that i should not use water feature at S sector, even though it is having a Water Star #8. In this case, how can i make use of this timely #8 Star? 

 4) Which main entrance should i use? 
a) The sliding glass door at NW with #3#2 stars; or 
b) The wooden door at NE with #5#9 stars plus the so called 'white tiger'; or 
c) To renovate and open a new door at N sector? I am really confuse. 

I would be most grateful that you will enlighten me. 

 Thanks and best regards, Sam.

9 Aug 2012 at 7:35:53 PM
Dear Joey, 

I have read all 4 books for 10 Gods and was really helped to understand what every God mean. Congratulations for good job! Also, I have attended Bazi M1-M2. My great wish is to can afford sometime and take M3-M4.Is there some possibility to take these courses without be in Kuala Lumpur? I have some things to ask and hope you 'd like to answer me. 

 1. Is my chart a Supervibrand? (think that Bing is not a clash) 

2. If not Supervibrand, it is a RW str. with useful god EG, and favor Friends, Resources, right? 

3. My life goes through 60 years of bad luck fire-wood. Can I use water EG or HO to make things better? If not, what else? 

4. My husband died 7 years ago and I 'm too afraid to get married again. Is there chances to have a happy marriage or longterm affair without afraid of death again? 

 Hope you will help me and many thanks, Elena
3 Aug 2012 at 9:45:43 PM
Dear Joey 

 Hi,i am little confused  after reading Feng Shui for Apartment buyers and Feng Shui for interior. i have few question in mind.. What is house sitting direction?my house is apartment. i plan to rearrange my room and furniture.

Should i arrange according to yearly flying star or personal kua number? I am east group my fiance is west group , which is different.

My apartment facing West.Main door facing East located on southeast. My master bedroom is located in northwest.There is another empty room which is located in east.

should i move to the east room as the flying star for 2012 is bad on northwest. I cant get any answer from the book.Which book should i buy actually to reduce my confusing towards feng shui??please advice. 

 Regards elise
1 Aug 2012 at 11:36:13 AM
Hi Joey, 

I have started reading your book since 2010. I read your yearly astrology book since 2010. I really enjoy the books. Now i'm exploring into the Bazi concept. I have read your Mian Xiang book, the ten thousand year calendar book and now I'm reading your Bazi the Destiny Code. It's very intriguing.

 I was working and living in Sydney Australia from 2002 til 2007. I was working since 2003 until I quit in 2007 and move back to my country in Indonesia. My job in Sydney was reasonable good in terms of salary but not good in terms of career advancement. Which was why I returned home to seek other opportunities. 

My questions are: 

 1. Since my return in 2007 I have been struggling financially. I tried a few small businesses partnering with some friends but didn't yield any result and were finally shut down. I also invested in a few business opportunities but failed. I just don't know what I have done wrong in my career path that I ended in this situation. How can I correct this? 

 2. Now I'm almost broke financially but a I have a couple of very good friends trying to help me out. I have an older brother and a younger sister who are both doing well financially especially my sister. But they don't give any support or help at all unlike my friends. A FS guru once told me during my life time, none of my family or siblings will help me and thus I can't depend on their support. But my friends will always help me. Does this situation reflect in my Bazi chart? 

 3. I'm getting married soon in September this year. My friends are funding my whole wedding and my family didn't help at all with cost of the wedding. For a few years, my friends had been advising me to get married to change my luck in life. Is this true? 

 4. My soon-to-be-wife is born on 14 Nov 1979 at 01.30. Do we have any conflicts in our Bazi chart? If so, what can I do to resolve the conflicts? 

 5. My Age Limit starts at 4 and now I'm 44 in Chinese Calendar. Does this mean my luck is changing at the same time I'm getting married this year?

 I greatly appreciate if you can give me some advice on my situation. I'm hoping that one day I can attend your Bazi seminar. 

 Thank you, - Erik
22 Jul 2012 at 2:27:36 AM
Hello Joey, 

 I heard my friend raving about you and therefore decided to look you up from the internet. I'm really impressed by what I have read about you! And as I am currently going through a challenging period in my life, I decide that I would ask you a few questions which I hope you can help enlighten Bazi-wise. I've moved from Malaysia to UK in 2008. Prior to my move, I was in a very good job (good position and salary) although I wasn't happy in the company or the actual job itself. I felt that I was not in the 'right' job because it was a job that required a lot of numerical skills, which I don't really have. Since moving to UK, due to my experience in that job, I found another similar job but at a lower position. The salary wasn't great either. I am now in my 3rd job in UK with a dismal salary and position. I am finding myself moving lower instead of higher. 

So I feel that my career is going completely the wrong direction. This is making me very unhappy and I am losing my self-esteem slowly but surely. 

 1. Can you share with me your thoughts based on my Bazi whether I will have any luck financially and in my career in UK? 

2. Will I also have luck in terms of finding a suitable role in the near future which also provides me very good and positive working relationship with my bosses? 

3. Or is working on my own something I can explore?

 I'd greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you and I hope to be financially better to be able to attend one of your seminars in London soon.

 Thank you.
28 Jun 2012 at 3:46:00 AM
dear Joey, 

 I have heard that you often visit europe to hold a seminar. I'm very eager to attend your seminar and it would be great if you could provide me with the details of the upcoming event especially in germany. I have read your first and second bazi books (destiny code and destiny code revealed). Bought them online since it's very difficult to find them at the local book stores.:) All your examples were very easy to follow but yet I still have difficulty applying them to my bazi. 

 I think my DM is weak yi since it is born out of season, so wood and water related careers would be beneficial for me. I have a tough time pursuing a phd currently and I am very nervous about my future: how I should prepare myself and how I could be financially free. 

 I have big dreams and would like to set up my own business someday but I feel like there is barely support coming (absence of water/resources in my chart?). Would I do well by myself in the future? Could it be that I can't take advantage of this year because I have no affinity with water?

 I would be very grateful if you could provide some insight from my bazi.

 Thanks a lot! Best Regards, eko
9 Jul 2012 at 2:02:25 AM
Hi Joey: 

 I have just read your book1&2 of Bazi The Destiny Code and I found that my daymaster is fire which is very strong. I am currently taking acca and going to work in audit line in next year, but i am not sure whether it is favorable to me or not. 

Being an auditor,I have to sit in front of computer or laptop from day to night. Since Electronic item is related to fire so i afraid that my visual problem will be affected. In addition, I have myopia with power 1000+ of each my left and right eyes respectively.
11 Jul 2012 at 10:31:09 PM
Hi Joey, 

 This is my nephew's bazi. I keyed in his birth details on iBazi and found that there are three Death & Emptiness in his bazi chart; Hour, Month and Year. Is there something we should be worried about since DE can sometimes be interpreted as unfavourable to novices like me, and what can we do to nurture this kid? 

12 Jul 2012 at 12:40:06 AM
Dear Joey, 

 Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Ba Zi and Feng Shui to a lot of people, including me. I started reading your BA Zi books just this year. I've just got curious, I had Feng Shui and Ba Zi books from a lady author also from Malaysia, but when I saw your books in the shelf along side with hers, I started browsing them and found it more interesting, more convincing and more practical. You just saved me from buying more feng shui stuff which I thought could help me then. Actually, I've been buying her books for the last 10 years and now, I have more book collections from your writings than hers and planning to buy more of your books. 

 My inquiry is, do I need to choose an auspicious wedding date since I am living-in with my partner for almost 15 years already.?We plan to get married (for the first time) by 2013 but according to our bazi charts our spouse palace (both of us have "Hai/Pig") clash with Snake (2013). Should I take this Pig-Snake clash into consideration? 

 If 2013 is not good, is 2014 a better year? My partner's DOB is 8-28-69, 17:17. By the way, my relationship for the last 15 years with my partner is doing great and I'm praying that it will last tol our last breaths. 

 Thank you so much, I hope my question interests you. I've been searching for this similar scenario but I have not seen anything like this in the web. 

 Kind regards, CP
22 Jun 2012 at 12:08:46 AM
Hi Joey 

My wife and I viewed a house which faced a t junction and fell in love with the design. The house faces north. On the left side of the t junction is a row of houses and on the right is a huge park. Not many cars use the junction as it is toward the end of the housing area. Our only fear of buying this house is the resale value of the house if the time comes. Please advise.

 Thank you.
1 Apr 2012 at 2:35:43 AM
Hi Joey, 

 I have some burning questions which I really hope you could help to answer. Last year, I almost got married. My ex-bf asked for my bazi so that his parents could consult a bazi shifu to select a date for our marriage. To my horror, after the consultation, the wedding was called off and he broke up with me. He gave many excuses for the breakup but I knew the real reason must have something to do with the bazi consultation. 

 Since then, I have read many books on bazi, hoping to understand what's so terrible about my bazi that he needed to break up with me. I have bought and read all your bazi books but I still couldn't find the answers. Below are my questions which I hope you could help to answer: 

 1. In my day pillar, I am Yi Wood sitting on Fire Snake. Snake contains Hurting Officer, Direct Wealth & Direct Officer. Is this still a case of Hurting Officer meet Direct Officer meaning I will control ('ke') my husband and my husband will be weak? Will the Direct Wealth in the Fire Snake solve the problem? 

 2. Will I ever get married? If yes, when would be a likely year for me to meet my Mr Right and get married? Someone who read my bazi told me I may meet the one after 45 years old. Is it true and will the marriage be good? 

 3. I also have a Fire Snake in the hour pillar. Does it mean that I will get married twice since together with the day pillar, there's 2 Direct Officer? 

 4. In my bazi, which god do I 'use'? Is it 
1. Bing Fire, followed by 2. Gui Water, followed by 3. Xin Metal?

 Really hope you can help to answer the questions. This unfortunate incident has disturbed me for almost a year. :( Thank you very much. 

 Sincerely, Jean
16 Jun 2012 at 9:02:13 PM
Dear Joey,

 I have read some of your Mian Xiang books & the 2nd book that i have recently was Art of Face Reading in w/c what stuck on my mind is that "Bigger mouth - bigger say" I am applying for marketing & recruitment positions in my present company as mentioned on your 10 gods series to be in the right macro/micro position in careers. 

 I have all 10 gods (stars/elements) on my chart but i think the one that i need to develop is my HO/EG ( Bing & Ding fire) stars even though they are not my dominant elements, i am asked if i will consider for supervisor position handling a team, but i said maybe not (among the reasons was an irregular hour of work), but in a way i am already in a same level except that i dont have a team to supervise. 

 One of the positions i applied for got a reply, though there is no certainty yet if i will get the position - it is for Social Media specialist - w/c i will do FB, Blogs & viral marketing for the company online. I wonder if i can do well in such role, communicating w/o using my mouth, i dont have a big mouth - it is not small either and also not full or thin, the flags are well defined & my wife & ex-gfs like the shape of it & i admit my lips will look well on a woman though.

 i wonder since i dont need to speak w/ my mouth on this role if i will achieve some measure of achievement - on my present role i use my voice in communicating w/ customers (aussies/americans/british mostly) - i dont have a good sounding voice & most customers can tell im asian, dont ask me to sing, i usually do the last song in a karaoke bar w/ my friends before we go home, thats our signal & i told them that the last song will be me since i dont want to spoil the night early. But i was able to get good scores & at times among the top for customer satisfaction surveys in our team & in our company, im also one of the few who brings in a lot of survey responses. 

 But of course i wont just stop there, i have big dreams too & i will try to reach as high as i can in our company or elsewhere if given an opportunity.
20 Jun 2012 at 11:03:42 AM
Hi Joey, 

 I love your books very much because it's simple to understand. Prior to attending your seminar on 10 June I would not have a clue on how destiny can affect our live. It was only in your seminar that I realised why I had been changing job frequently and why I dislike doing paper work and very routine job. I realised it is because of I score very low in Supporters and Thinkers structure.

 My questions are: 

 1) I had heard from somewhere that the time of birth if I were born in Malaysia after year 1972 our time need to be adjusted as previously Malaysian time had been adjusted before to suit Sabah and Sarawak region? I'm confuse on this one but the time I stated is the time following my birth certificate. So, when I key in my time in the bazi calculated do I need to adjust accordingly? 

 2) for more than a year since 2010 I could not see improvement in my career and I was in between employment and unemployment luckily I had been through this and started to see some improvement. I am doing my own business now it's a network marketing business in health and beauty. My company product deals with woman undergarment, and everything we sell is for wear or lotion which could be apply. May I know is my day master Wu (yang earth) a strong day master or a weak one? I understand from your book that I was not born in season it was a weak one but there are other method in reading a chart and a newbie like me was not sure if extra earth element in my chart can make my day master a strong one? Because if I am a weak day master then my favourable element would be fire and earth.I check from your book beauty is categorise under fire industry. And I had also learned from someone that my current job suits me as lingerie is a fire category and body should be related to earth. Is this true? 

 3) If I continue with current job can I be wealthy and achieve financial freedom?

 4) I have got wealth structure 100%, output 80% and companion 80%, can this mean I cannot perform structure job and climbing corporate ladder is out of the question? 

 5) lastly, regarding my relationship matter. I do not hav peach blossom in my chart does that mean I'm getting marry late? I'm 29 this year. 

 Thanks in advance Joey. 

 Wai yan
23 Apr 2012 at 4:42:44 PM
Dear Master Joey, 

 Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful books on the BaZi (Book 1 – Book 4) which I had just purchase recently. Even-though I had just finish reading the BaZi (The Destiny Code) & BaZi (The Destiny Code Revealed) I’m now able to understand my life a lot better and what I’m going through now in my life. However Master, there has been question going through my mind on the Bazi profiling DYD career report. Although the report has suggested to me a few career path & job roles that are suitable for me (Suitable Career: Academic, Education, Science, Metaphysics & Arts / Suitable Job Roles: Advisor, Consultants, Researchers, Analyst, Writers, Artists) can master please advise me on the best career path & job roles that is most suitable for me and also which type of skill set that I should develop so that I am able to perform better and excel in my career? 

 Even-though I’m having constrains in my financial but I have been saving hard so that I am able to attend the BaZI Modules to further enhance my knowledge and understanding in BaZI. Thank you so much master for the shedding light into my life and I look forward to meeting in your Bazi Modules Classes.
22 Apr 2012 at 12:04:48 AM
Hi Master Joey, 

I've been reading your books and comparing to books by other authors, and I found that your books made more sense (reasonable) and direct. I love to have a chance to follow your seminars, as your seminars were seldom to be held in Indonesia. I have several confusing questions that I need to ask if you don't mind: 

 1. Now, I've a new house facing South Direction, but when applied eight mansion formula, I am belong to West Group with No. 6 of which I need to find house which face West Direction. Will this pose a problem if I stayed in this house? 

 2. Can I locate my kitchen at the East Side? 

 3. The best direction to locate Toilet and Store Room are in which side of this South facing home of mine? 

 4. I plan to locate Master Bedroom in South East sector of the home, is it suitable for me? 

 5. What should I do to cure bad direction and to activate wealth sector? Many thanks for answering my questions and would love a chance to meet you. 

 Warmest regards Jonie Fery


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