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30 Jan 2012 at 7:06:05 PM
I attended KL seminar on last 14th Jan 2012 at KLCC. I understood that SW sector is not a good sector in 2012. But, I have a water fountain at this SW sector outdoor. For your information, my house is facing South. Can I maintain this water feature at SW or I have to remove it. Will it bring negative effect to me if I maintain it there.
30 Jan 2012 at 7:48:57 PM
Hi there, I am very interested in bazi reading and I have bought your books (3 of them!). However, I am confused as to determining my own day master. According to the season I am born in, I am a weak earth but looking at the bazi on whole, my day master is surrounded by the same element. Does that make my day master strong? Would appreciate if you can enlighten me on this. Thanks.
19 Jan 2012 at 10:53:52 AM
Hi Joey,

 I had read some of your books on Ba-zi and particularly the book on Feng Shui for Apartments and found them to be extremely useful and informative especially for majority of people like us living in high rise building in Singapore. I have the following questions which I hope you can help to advise - Every 1st day of the Chinese New Year, I will invite the Lion Dance troupe (A pair of lion) in my apartment for"chai chin". This had been going on for at least 8-9years. And this year, I am planning to include a Dragon dance with the lion dance together as well. Will this be fine? As I had heard from older folks tales that Dragon is Top is Hierarchy and therefore may not be appropriate for commoners like us. Your advised is greatly appreciated.
19 Jan 2012 at 11:00:05 PM
Hi Joey, 

 Recently attended your FSA 2012 seminar at Singapore. Its very nice and I like the changes you did to the current year seminar compared to the previous years. Well done! I have a question regarding the 5 yellow dissolving method that you mentioned during the seminar. My house happened to face SE3 and main door is also at SE3. You mentioned that we need to use the water placement at SE3 as well. So should we place the water in the house, or outside the house? And for the water placement, is it for few hours or for a week or two? Please advise.

 Oh, another question is regarding the courses you offered. I've actually already attended Bazi Module 1 & 2 + Feng Shui Module 1 & 2. I noticed that the special discounts are mainly for new signups from module 1 to 4. I was wondering do you have also special discounts for student like me that wants to further to Module 3 & 4? 

 Thanks and cheers. Regards, Choon Tuck
20 Jan 2012 at 10:56:30 AM
Good day Mr Yap! 

I have taken many of your seminars before and really happy that you continue to do what you do! Thank you for that!. Here's my question. This Year Chinese New Year celebration come on January 23rd 2012. Does this mean that a baby born after January 23rd is already considered Water Dragon baby or the energy of the year still changes only after February 4th so the Dragon baby will be considered after February 4th? Its really important since I am pregnant myself and my due date is January 27th 2012. So I am just wondering since theres a lot of different information online and I would like to know for sure! 

Thank you so much! Best of wishes and Happy New Year!!!! May it bring you Peace Happiness and Prosperity! Natalia
20 Jan 2012 at 11:56:52 AM
When and what time is the best time to open office? I work in a law firm in Kuala Lumpur.
16 Jan 2012 at 12:25:49 PM
Dear Joey, 

 Great seminar on 15 Jan 2012 Sunday in KLCCC! I was so inspired and really interested in becoming a true consultant. I have been always interested in Astrology and Feng Shui for sometime but this is not a field that the knowledge is opening available like Accounting, a proper channel and guidance is needed to acquire the knowledge. That's the reason I din't pursue my interest on my last opportunity. 

 However, if you look at my chart, it is my character that always do impulsive decision from time to time and always started and never finished. Knowing my weakness instinctively, I have decided to really put thought and find out if this is really something I should embark on. 

 So my very important question here is, should I pursue on the area of this field as a consultant? If the answer is yes, I will consider and willing to follow your consultant courses prepared when the time is right.  

Thank you, Kar Sin
16 Jan 2012 at 5:27:09 PM
Dear Joey, 

 I have just recently moved to NZ and bought a house. We are planning to renovate the kitchen by putting in new floor tiles, kitchen cabinets and stove and installing new floor tiles in the dining and washing areas. The renovation will be in Feb 2012 and below are the areas of the house that these rooms cover. a) kitchen: Southeast b) dining: SE and East c) washing area: South and SW While we feel that the renovation is really necessary due to damages in these areas, we understand that these areas are not advisable to undergo renovation for this year especially the SE. Can you please advise on how we can balance this? 

Thanks. Regards, Ben
11 Jan 2012 at 8:22:33 AM
Hi JY,

 I bought the iphone iproTS2012 recently. Found to be extremely useful esp for me who is non-chinese educated. how can I make use of the JYDong Gong rating, Day officer and Yellow and Black belt indicator. For eg. on 1st Feb, JY Dong Gong rating is 4/5; day officer balance and Yellow and black belt white tiger and not suitable for major activities. What effect will one face if this date is a day picked to start a new employment? I think iproTS2012 is just a general guideline, doesn't necessarily affects everyone the same way correct?

 I am just thinking it wouldnt makes sense if you and I face the same effect if we start a new job on the same date.
10 Jan 2012 at 9:10:03 PM
Dear Joey 

 Your 4th book on Bazi Destiny Code Series - The Power of X: Analysing The 10 Gods - is so interesting that I have been having sleepless nights over the last 2 days! Even though I could not make it for the Fengshui & Astrology for 2012 Seminar on 8 Jan, I knew that I have to grab a copy of the much- awaited book when you announced that you would be launching the book at the event on facebook the day before! What I really love about the book is the detailed explanations and summaries of all your pointers in the form of reference charts each time you introduced a new concept or analysis technique. And not forgeting the numerous examples to illustrate your points. I only wish you have gone on to elaborate the concept on Quality of Favorable and Unfavorable Element and its Usability within a given bazi chart as introduced on Page 145, and provide us an introductory list of exceptions to the application of the Favorable and Unfavorable Elements principle on page 158.

 The climactic point started with page 186 - Advanced Examples and Walk-Through because I have a Missing Element - Missing Wealth Element to be precise! But I am glad to learn on page 288 that when it comes to Wealth matters, we should look at Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth, Eating God, Hurting Officer and Rob Wealth Stars. You also mentioned that CONTRADICTIONS WITHIN A BAZI CHART are perhaps the number reason why obviously intelligent people muddled their way in a confused fashion through their working life and continue to make silly mistakes in their career.

 Before I can take any actions to make most use of my abilities or downplay certain weakness, can you kindly help me to make sense of the confusion that I am facing while learning about my own bazi chart? * If solely based on season of birth, my Day Master would be classified as WEAK. And my Favorable Elements would be Resource (Wood) and Companion Elements (Fire) which is also in tandem with my Dominant Characteristics, namely: a) Direct Resource Star (appears in Sub-Qi of Goat Branch) b) Indirect Resource Star (rooted in Tiger Branch) c) Friend star (rooted in Tiger Branch) d) Rob Wealth star (i think and it appears in Sub-Qi of Goat Branch) * However, in advanced example 4 on page 215, it states that for "the element of Fire (both Bing and Ding Fire), the strength of the Day Master is primarily determined by the time of birth".  Since I am born in the afternoon, does that make me a STRONG Day Master even though the season of birth is Winter? 

(Btw, is there some elemental errors in the table found on page 218?) In this case, does that mean that my Dominant Characteristics are in actual fact working against my Favorable Elements and creating CHALLENGES for me to utilise them, namely: a) Output Element (represented by Earth) b) Wealth Element (represented by Metal - which is already missing and putting me in a disadvantageous position!) c) Influence Element (represented by Water)

 In short, I wish to confirm if 

 1) my Day Master is Weak or strong? 
2) my dominant characteristics are also my favorable or unfavorable elements? 
3) the partial 3 Harmony Fire Frame combination between the Horse and Tiger and the 6 Harmony combination between the Goat and Horse are actually helping to strengthen the Fire element in my Bazi chart 
4) I will have a good career as Bazi consultant 

 And before I end my submission, I wish to let you know that I really appreciate the new layer of additional information, knowledge and insight presented in this book on top of what I have learned from Destiny Code Book 1 - 3.

 Joey, thank you so much for your invaluable teachings, and I look forward to your hearing from you. And your 5th book on Bazi Destiny Code! 

 Best regards LC Tan
11 Jan 2012 at 11:02:25 PM
Dear Joey, 

 Thank you for doing the Feng Shui Astrology 2012 Seminar in S'pore on 07 jan. I had attended past seminars by other practitioners but none as insightful and refreshing as yours! Late last december I got to know and started to read your Masterpieces and had completed the The Destiny Code and the Destiny Code Revealed. I am now into the book on The Ten Gods and could not help myself reading late into the night as it was all too captivating and enriching! Having read the 2 books (& into the 3rd), I can't help but still feeling lost in understanding my own bazi chart.

 I am thus hoping if you could spare some precious time out of your busy schedule on the questions I have below. 

 1. For a Yang Wu day master, is this a weak day master given it is in the winter? Or, is it a strong day master given that the earthly branch is yang fire which supports the day master? 

 2. Are Fire and Earth the favorable elements for this chart? 

 3. Earlier on, someone read my palm and advised that I will not have a job and career once I past 50 as I will no longer have the 'noble people' or supporters around to 'help' me. This seemed kind of true as I did lose my job and is still looking very hard for one after almost a year! Is my chart telling the same that my career stops after 50, and I can no longer get back into the finance industry that I have been in for the last 2 - 3 decades please? Or, is this no longer the industry for me but perhaps a change as a property agent (earth-related) or even as a bazi consultant is supported for my chart? Is this possible at this late age? 

 4. I am now in the Xin Metal luck pillar and note the clashes between Yin Fire vs the Yin Water in both the Year and Month branches of my chart. Are these clashes serious and life threathening for my parents and/or for myself? What do these clashes mean for me? 

 I shall be most grateful if I could received your guidance please. Thank you once again for all your Masterpieces books and seminars which help throw light on our profiles, strengths and weaknesses, and empowering us as we go on our life journey! Wishing you all the best in the lunar year of the Dragon! 

 Best regards, Lyd Toh
9 Jan 2012 at 12:43:41 PM
Dear Joey 

I have attended your Fenshi & Astrology talk yesterday 08/01/2012 in Singapore. It was a very inspiring and informative and I truly enjoyed it. I have bought your book; Personal Date Selection and the 2012 Tong Shu Monthly Planner. I have noted that in your book, you mentioned that if the date is “Danger”, you should not have activity such as Marriage.

 However, in your Planner, some of the date that marked “Danger”, it has the activity marked “suit Getting Married”. I am rather confused why it’s contradictory. I am getting married on 17/09/2012, which the date is marked “Danger” too. Hence, I need your kind advice.

 Thank you very much.

 Regards Karis
9 Jan 2012 at 8:05:04 PM
Dear Joey 

First of all, thanks for all your inspirering talks, courses and books. I attend with great pleasure whenever I have the possibility, not as often as I want it to :) I attend your talk in London in oct 2011, you gave me a lot of good energy. I just have one guestion, going through my notes to prepare for 2012, I can´t find the date and time for activating SW1, can you please help me ? 

 Warmest regards

31 Dec 2011 at 7:51:48 AM
Dear Joey, 

 Last year I purchased your yearly astrological prognosis while in Thailand. I read it back and forth and found it to be accurate. I am a western astrologer and metaphysician and am very intrested in chinese metaphysics. I have had a very hard time with a change of residence from Europe to the US, can't find work in my field although I was an executive in Switzerland. Is 2012 better?

 Sincerely, Catherine Regan Sappia
8 Jan 2012 at 1:12:10 AM
Dear Joey, 

 I'm from Thailand and today I just bought your book " Main Xiang Discover Face Reading" It is a very good book which I couldn't put it down and read it all in a few hours. My question is my dad likes to discover face reading also and he used to tell me that a woman who has a large or wide forehead will end up divorcing or lost her husband. Is this true? Will this happen to only a woman with wide forehead or also very high round forehead? I need to ask you this since me and my mom both have wide forehead and we ended up the same but I wonder will this include the high forehead (deep to the center of the top) also? 

 Best Regards, Ann
8 Jan 2012 at 9:24:54 PM
Hi JY, I bought your Bazi Destiny Code series of books (Vol 1-3) recently. After read through the 3 books, it is very impressed me and even ignited my fire to further understand more about Bazi to improve my life and even enthusiastic to be a professional Bazi practicer. Based on my knowledge from the study of Bazi series, I am a strong Yi Wood Day Master. Will I have a good carreer future to be a professional Bazi practicer?
11 Dec 2011 at 11:44:29 AM
Dear Joey, 

 First of all, I would like to thank you for the books and web resources that you have made available to help people like me try to understand our destiny code. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been struggling with my life most of the time and it is very disheartening. 

I am getting a glimpse of why from following your book BaZi The Destiny Code, as from my own interpretation of your teachings, I have an unbalanced chart with too many Earth and wood elements to weaken my water day master, and there are wealth elements (fire) in either heavenly nor earthly branches. 

I so yearn for having good income and wealth to share with my family and friends, and contribute to society like becoming regular financial contributors to charities. As I am a strong water person, I have entrepreneurial tendencies and always looking out to start businesses so despite a seemingly unfavorable chart, how can I make the best of what I have to achieve my dreams of becoming a significant contributor to society and my family and friends. Thank you vey much for considering my case. 

 Sincerely yours, Johnn Lau
13 Dec 2011 at 7:56:40 PM
The BaZi that I have included in this question belongs to my husband. We have saw a fengshui practitioner for several years now. We were told that my husband's bazi (strong water) has too much water and needed to reduce. We were advised to enhance wood and fire elements. Two years ago on a review, we were told that the 'fluctuating earth energies' affect his bazi and that now he needed more water, we were told to increase metal and water. The practitioner refused to disclose about the 'fluctuating' energies and that we should just follow the advice without question. This left us perplexed, disppointed and confused. It is difficult to follow without understanding. As the practitioner had made several mistakes before, and denied them afterwards, I wanted to sure we are doing the right thing. I would appreciate if you could tap on this topic and advise if such 'fluctuations' truly exist and where could be get information from. I am not wanting prosperity, but I just want to know I am doing the right thing for the family as we have critically ill family members at home.
11 Dec 2011 at 2:09:53 PM
Dear Joey, 

 Thank you so much for the wonderful instruction and advice that you give and sharing your gift with the world. I am very confused about my favorable elements. I have been told that I am a strong wood DM, which means that metal, fire and earth should be good for me, but I'm sorryto report that metal periods have always been very tough for me (2011 was especially trying). Now fire periods are good and so are earth periods (months/years/LP), and ironically Ren Water periods seem pretty good (for friends/family life), please help me to become clear. 

 Thank you, Belle
4 Dec 2011 at 10:45:48 PM
Dear Joey,

 I'm going to get married with my fiance and as usual my parents went to for date selection with some sifu in my hometown. As for normal chinese practise, we would prefer to do the chut kar and wedding dinner on the same day in Penang as my fiance is from KL. 

 after much surveys at plenty of hotels and restaurants, we have decided to choose a date given which is on 2-Nov 2012 which falls on the 9th month of Chinese calendar. Now my in laws are not happy and pantang about this odd month and they prefer even month. But on our side (me and my fiance), there is no other choice than 2-Nov 2012 anymore. Moreover, there are a lot of hotels and restaurants are mostly booked due to Dragon year. 

With such disagreement, we're unable to secure our wedding venue. I would like to ask, is there such a thing that chut kar must be in even month rather than odd month? Is this real or myth. 

Please help.
4 Dec 2011 at 11:07:01 PM
Dear Joey, I am reading your 3rd book on the BaZi Destiny Code Series, The Power of X Enter the 10 Gods. On page 303, you mentioned about Stem Combinations and one of the heavenly stem combinations is Yi & Geng, what are the rest of the Stem Combinations besides Yi & Geng combinations? As l could not find the topic on Stem Combinations in all the 3 books on BaZi Destiny Code Series, so would greatly appreciate if you could let me have the answer. Thank you very much and wishing you all the best. Best regards


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