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17 Aug 2011 at 10:07:12 PM
Hi Joey, many thanks for the speedy reply on my thumbprint analysis question despite your hectic schedule (really envy your energy level). As mentioned therein, I've had my bazi profiling done by one of your senior analyst last year (sometime after CNY) when I was under lots of stress at work. 

Was told then that my star showed that I'll be changing job though I couldn't believe it then cos I was riding high in my job albeit the stress, and that I'm in the category of those who need to "work" for fulfillment. True as it is, I made a drastic change from employment to entrepreneurship sometime in d 3rd quarter. 

I'm now in child education line, working only on weekends and now that the biz is stabilising, I'm thinking of venturing into other areas for the remaining of the week (unfortunately, another truth in the bazi reading as I don't seem to be able to rest like others... sighhh). Thinking back, I noticed that your senior analyst had not really given me a good idea of the kind of line that I'll do well in - other than her assurance that I'd be self sufficient at the end regardless of what I do due to my hardworking nature (is it true?). 

Concerned that she's trying to conceal some bad readings, I paid for your online career report shortly after I've started my biz venture and it happens that education is one of the prescribed career line for me. There are many prescriptions in the career report and now that I can have time for only one more biz venture, please save me time by advising on the best option based on my birthdate so that I'll be able to retire comfortably... Also, I was told in the bazi reading that I should've cumulated some properties by now, which makes me wonder why I've not and whether it is a good idea for me to try out something to do with real estate or stock market as my 2nd biz venture. 

 Getting involved in metaphysics is another prescribed line for me in the report but dun think it's likely as until now I've yet to understand my own chart although I've read most of your books and gone thru even a bazi reading session... Or should I proceed to chart a career in child psychology - who knows I may be able to embed thumbprint analysis and your bazi profiling as my tools? 

Now I understand why it's best to get the "guru" himself to advise cos even after paying for all your books, a bazi reading by your senior analyst and online career report, I'm still unable to figure out my next best path of least resistance...
1 Sep 2011 at 12:55:35 AM
Dear Joey, I'm 18 this year and is quite confused about my future. I have read a few books of yours but i'm still confused about it. What is the suitable career for me? Currently I'm pursuing Mechanical Engineering in my university and i'm in first year of my foundation. Thank you and regards. - Yee How
19 Aug 2011 at 11:28:07 AM
Hi Joey You are right! 

The power of X has indeed added a lot of colors to the details found on our Bazi chart. I am one of the lucky few who attended your book launch on 12 Aug. Having read and understood the ten gods in broad analysis, I am already looking forward to your 4th book in the Bazi Destiny Code. I will be delighted if you can cover this topic extensively in a one-day event (just like Wealth and Destiny). 

Attending a one-day event like this certainly help to reinforce our learning and see things in right perspective, especially useful for people who are learning Bazi on their own. Personally, I enjoy putting the information together presented in book 1, 2 and 3. Throughout the process, I discovered much about my own strengths and weaknesses. Not only it has helped me to heightened my own self awareness, bazi analysis has also given me the much needed yet obscure insight into other people's personality and why they behave the way they do. 

 For the greater good of mankind, I just wish that more people will get the opportunity or be open enough to learn more about Bazi analysis so that they can used the knowledge gained to build better and more loving relationships with their loved ones. I know this may sound a little unorthodox, but i hope there will come a day where counselors, social workers and psychologists alike are trained to read chinese bazi chart or western astrological chart so that they can serve their clients even better and bring out the best in them. 

 Best if they can learn from you because not only you have made this super-abstract-yet-technical subject so systematic and easy-to-follow, you have also provided the relevancy for people to relate to. Just a random idea: Maybe you can even consider having an extended business arm to match people with the right characteristics traits to employers looking for talents. Joey, besides sharing some of my personal views, I also have a few questions that I would like to seek clarity from you. 

 Here's my dilemma: I have been working since 1996, but in all honesty, for the last few years, it has been a roller coaster ride for me both professionally and financially. I am now contemplating to return to the workforce again, but my boyfriend prefers me not to work for others. He is not hesitant about supporting me financially. At the same time, he would like me to work along with him in running our own 'start up business. 

 Question 1: I found out lately from your book what it means when I don't have Direct Wealth, Seven Killings and Indirect Wealth. If I interpret correctly, it means that I am not "naturally entreprenurial" and have difficulty starting own business! In such case, would i still be "valuable" to my boyfriend in running a business with him, and how successful would we be? His top 3 profiles strength are: a) Indirect wealth (93%) b) Direct wealth (88%) c) Hurting Officer (69%) Missing in his chart are Indirect Resource, Direct Officer and Rob Wealth. 

 Question 2: Would I be better off working for some companies or should I work towards a professional career? My top 3 profiles strength are: a) Direct officer (88%) b) Indirect resource (70%) c) Direct resource (60%) Missing in my chart are Direct Wealth, Seven Killings and Indirect Wealth :( 

 Question 3: Looking at both our top 3 profiles strength and missing stars, is this a case of "opposite attraction"? Where relationship is concerned, how useful or compatible would it be for a couple to have "complementary chart" like ours? 

Question 4: Looking at the Spouse palace, do the Stars in the palace describe the characteristics of our partner? Or do they describe our own characteristic traits in a relationship (as described under "intimate profile"? And how much damages would that be when stars clashes internally in the chart? 

 Question 5: What are the merits of Zi Wei Dou Shu over Bazi? Of the 2 Chinese Astrology systems, which is a closer "sibling" to western astrological natal chart analysis. I briefly read somewhere that the 5 elements are Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, and I am wonder how possible it is to synthesize both western and chinese astrology. 

 Joey, as presented above, I certainly cannot address my own dilemma using the limited Bazi knowledge that I have right now. As I continue to deepen my understanding on astrology, I look forward to your advice and clarification at the same time. I am grateful for this opportunity and I thank you for your time and advice. Best regards
31 Aug 2011 at 2:22:54 AM
Dear JY Pardon my limited literary skills, i like to say i really enjoy ur books and dvds. U made it practical, clear and easy to understand not forgetiing interesting. ^^ I have seen u some years ago at a clinic and then not so recently at MBS. Thank you so much...u have been v kind to give free seats to FB fans.:) i always have 2 problems in my life which is career(wealth) and relationship. Career which constitutes my not hunky dory. I have been unhappy with my job all my life. Labelled job hopper, i like to change dat. i also am tired of hoppin.I wan happiness ,generate constant wealth and be able to accumulate wealth.Now i like to ask which industry and job shld i lok for? i have wked in admin roles and currently in a job which made me v frustrated and stress. Relationship...i cant seem to find anyone to like me seriously. its really pathetic i have been lonely for so many yrs more than a decade. the only decent relationship i had which lasted abt a yr half and most times im alone. I do meet a lot of people when im much younger but they are only fair weather mates. So i like to know when would i b able to meet tat special someone and when can i settle down. How should i go looking or is there any other advice? Thank you once again:) Words cant say how grateful i am... Warmest rgds Zoe
7 Sep 2011 at 3:58:04 PM
Dear Joey, I didn't know that I should have submitted my question here instead of "contact us" and my apologies for the duplicates. I would be very grateful if this question is answered. About 6 years ago, I made a switch in career from law to art. I paint (oil & watercolor) and do a bit of needlework as part of my art, which are intended for exhibitions and ultimately sales (hopefully). I also give talks (public speaking). However none of these have been well-received thus far. No matter how hard I tried, obstacles seem to crop up like mushrooms! And I mean, all the time. Each time, it results in either complete cancellation or postponement to an indefinite time. I am at wit's end now, very disappointed and most times, I just feel like giving up. I am not sure if my bazi is suited for these choices I have made or is it the feng shui of my current house? My current house faces east (E2), sits west. The staircase occupies the entire NE palace, while 1/3 of the South palace is missing and the toilet occupies rest of the South palace. I really dont know what is the problem.... I wish you can shed some light... Will be very grateful. (Thank you anyway even if this is not answered) Best rgds, Dave (Ms)
9 Sep 2011 at 4:44:49 PM
Hi Joey, It's been an Amazing Discovery Journey for me eversince I started with your Seminar and then to your Books ; ) I've always had a problem with identifying who I really was and what I really wanted. Bazi had opened up my mind in a lot of ways! I was not only able to forgive my mistakes, myself and others - it's like throwing away a lot of emotional baggages I picked up along the way. More importantly, I can now stop spending unnecessary time, effort and money onto fruitless things, events and people. Instead, everything about my calling took a much clearer stand and I can now devote my all into my calling. Thank You, Joey. For people like me with absolutely no Output and Wealth elements, do we then look at our Companion element to know the wealth potential we can have achieve in our lifetime? Regards, Grace
11 Sep 2011 at 5:47:26 PM
Hello Joey, I want to convert my apartment from a period of 7 to a period of 8. Whilst changing the flooring & main door is fairly straightforward, changing the roof is impossible as there are 4 more floors above mine. What do you suggest I can do to change the heaven energy? Thanks & Regards, Navroz.
3 Sep 2011 at 1:16:17 AM
Dear Joey It took me a couple of days to take up the courage to send this email. I know it will be by chance that my question is answered. Formally, I was working in the finance industry but I switched to real estate salesperson just 5 months ago. Now, I doubt I can make it at all in this field. Hope you can enlighten me on this matter. Thank you. Wendy Choo 
26 Aug 2011 at 3:41:04 PM
Dear Joey, I have wanted to get a tattoo but I have been told that a tattoo will actually affect ones feng shui. So my question is, is that true? A tattoo will actually affect ones feng shui?
26 Aug 2011 at 9:15:07 PM
Dear Joey, i had read a few of your books including bazi the destiny code, bazi the destiny code revealed and others and in year 2009, i engaged your team service to have 3 of my family members (mine, my husband and my daughter) bazi chart being read. Actually i am writing in to ask a question on my son behalf. The particulars above are his and hee need to select course for his university studies by 19th september 2011. I should be grateful if u could provide some advise whether civil & construction engineering, agriculture science or geophysics suit him more according to his bazi chart. Thank you very much. Regards, Lai Kwai Fun
28 Aug 2011 at 9:04:38 AM
Have most of our books and love them all - your reference series is amazing. Your simple pragmatic explanations and information of a serious complex subject is a credit to you. Will continue until I have every book you publish. My question is - What is the definition of marraige? according to chinese metaphysics. Milie
9 Aug 2011 at 7:31:51 PM
Hi Joey, I've enjoyed reading your books and going thru your FB postings. Don't recall any mention of thumbprint analysis in your books nor FB postings (or is it my oversight?) and wonder if it's an accurate way to read one's profile. I'm in the education line and some of the parents (even the Malay ones) have shown me their children's thumpprint analysis reports to help me understand their children's learning needs; which leaves me to question the reliability of those reports and whether they should be used in the first place as a guide to charting their children's future. I've had my bazi profiling done by one of your Senior Analysts before and wonder whether the same reading would be obtained through thumbprint analysis... is there any link between bazi profiling and thumbprint analysis and which one do you recommend if I intend to use one of the method,s to help understand my students' learning needs?
10 Aug 2011 at 8:27:13 PM
Hi Joey, I 've been student to Bazi 1-2 and I have problem with my own chart. My mum does not remember the exact time of my birth, if it is 19.00 or 18.55. And the two charts are so different! I 'd like to take a consultation with you, but tell you first some events of my life, so to find which hour is the right. I got married in 8 October 2000 and my husband died in 8 January 2005. I have no kids. I 'd like to get married again but I 'm afraid of another death of husband. Was it lifetime event or it was a year influence? And next, what is the best working field for me, and when is the right time to start. Let me know if it is possible for you to help me with this consultation, in order to buy it. Thank you so much!
11 Aug 2011 at 10:42:44 AM
Dear Joey, My name is Raymund, I was one of your client, we met up about a year+ ago, thank you for your constructive advises and opinions, i really appreciate it. By the way your look much more handsome as compared to your pictures. You told me about the use God in my chart is Gui water, and i totally agree with you. As i started reading and studying Bazi since i met you, i realized that my chart is actually " zheng guan pei yin Ge" (structure of direct officer match with resource), all the things that u told me that day were absolutely match in my life! Wow Bazi is amazing!! Only 1 thing which is bothering me recently, as u also told me that i can involve in the politic when i entering the Ding(fire) Mao (rabbit) luck pillar, But one of my friend who studying Bazi commented on my chart recently and disagree with you. He gave his reason: Ding mao luck pillar is 'tian ke di cong' with the xin You of the month pillar, some accident may happen that time, also Ding fire is the hurting officer will damage the xin direct officer. So 'zheng guan pei yin Ge' is destroyed, as direct officer down, no way u can be a successful politician!! 1. i m worry, Can i really join Politic when the time of Ding mao luck pillar? although i m not fully understood what he said but he was so confident and convincing. Please help me to solve the conflict question as it make me cant sleep for one week!! Thanks Joey, hope u can reply to me soon.
4 Aug 2011 at 8:20:00 PM
Dear Mr Joey Yap, After going through brain tumour surgery to heartbreaking divorce to remarriage from 2006 to 2010, please help me check my bazi whether my current marriage is alright now. I was desperate and consulted one of your consultants and was told my husband will have tao hua next year and subsequently on off for several years. I can't take anymore betrayal. I have 3 kids and a baby to think of. Please help! I sincerely thank you in advance. I'll do anything to safeguard my marriage and family this time with your advice. Linah
7 Aug 2011 at 12:07:24 AM
1) as referring to your comments on one's bazi profiling during your KL 31/7/2011 seminar, will it be a big late for a 41yrs old lady to re-review / restructure her future destiny based on those charateristic laying in the profiling anaysis ? 

 2) I have work so hard for so many years, and why until today still unable to achieve the kind of success I want, is ie because our personal character will also be a key of our success? 

 Thank You. Regards, Maggie
2 Aug 2011 at 10:04:46 PM
Dear Joey, I know nothing about fengshui until attended to your recent Wealth & Destiny Live Seminar 2 days ago. You are really impressed me and your seminar was the greatest seminar I ever attended. I bought 4 of your books and ticket for Feng Shui & Astrology for 2012. Me and my wife having the same Ming Gua (Feng Shui Life Gua Number) which is 3 (Zhen). Our master bed room is in the SW of the house. Currently in our bed room: Our Favorable directions: 1) South(Sheng Qi) = Wall with Window in central of the wall, 2) North(Tian Yi)=Toilet with a door (almost Northwest from central), 3) East ( Fu Wei) = Wall with door on the left (almost Northeast from central), 4) South West (Yan Nian)= 90 degree corner of 2 wall. Our Unfavorable directions: a) West (Jue Ming)= Solid Wall Opposite of the bed room door, (the only complete wall without door or window) b) Northwest(Six Killing)=90 degree corner beside the room door, c) Southwest ( Hou Hai)=90 degree corner of the 2 walls, d) Northwest (Wu Gui)=90 degree corner beside toilet door. Our current headboard heading position= West (Jue Ming) = Wall Opposite of the bed room door. Also our bed is between Toilet door & Window. Our current alternative headboard directions: 1) East ( Fu Wei) = Wall with door on the left (almost Northeast from central), Problem: The headboard aligned the bedroom door opening. Which I refer to your article: this is also not a good idea to do so. 2) South(Sheng Qi) = Window in central of the wall Problem: The headboard will be heading to the window which I also understand from your above mentioned article that the headboard should be heading to a solid wall. Please advise what we should do for the best direction for our bed headboard. As after I moved into this room since 2 years ago, our careers seem to be do not grow in good direction compere few years back and recently became worst due to company political situation. We also start to have quarrel since move into this room (house). Appreciate for your valuable advices. Best regards, Alfred
27 Jul 2011 at 5:42:46 PM
Hi Joey, Q1: Based on my DOB, can you kindly tell me what job industry will I do well? I can't seem to find a job that I like. Q2: Does location (i.e country of birth) influence/change/effect ones bazi. Both my children (1 more on the way) are born in Scandinavia country. If yes, how do i take into consideration when i read their bazi chart? Q3: Is there such thing as astrological weight of birth to determine your wealth luck? Thank you for your time. Love your bazi books :)
27 Jul 2011 at 9:53:37 PM
Dear Joey, I'm a huge fan of ur books but I do not actually understand 100% of them, so I'm re-reading them to get a clearer view especially on bazi and mian xiang. 1) Last 4 years I had chicken pox and my face had actually having the chicken pox scars..dented or holes. So, is it an indication that it may affect me depending on which side the scar is located? before this, I had no scars at all on my face. so I'm kinda worried that it may affect me in the future. 2) I noticed recently that there's a lot of spots and moles appearing on my face especially between the upper lips and nose. Will it affect me? Does moles really show any indications cause I'm kinda confused~??? 3) I've read abt your books on bazi but there are some things which i cant understand. so is it easier for me to just sign up for your bazi analysis consultation in order to get a more precise analysis rather than analysing it my own? especially i'm not really sure which field of business i should venture into Hope to hear from you and thanks for your time to answer my questions. Thanks a million. Regards, Alvin
28 Jul 2011 at 10:54:27 AM
Hi Joey Yap, I would like to enquire about the charges for the feng shui consulatation for my new retail shop.The shop size is around 1056 sf and locate in puchong. I tried to call your office but fail to get through with you, is there another alternative way to contact you? Hope to hear from you soon. 'Thanks :) have a nice day
26 Jul 2011 at 12:55:20 PM
Hi Joey, I hav recently attended yr Wealth n Destiny seminar and would like to ask a Q pertaining to Face reading. I understand frm yr seminar that by doing plastic surgery would not change a person destiny. However, if a person has low self esteem due to certain part of the face that they r not satisfy and when they rectify it thr plastic surgery, they r more confident of themselves and hence r more daring to try on new things, it does change their approach to things and life. Oso, I noticed dat actor and actress dat hav undergo some plastic surgery became more popular than they used to be. In such cases, does plastic surgery hav slight influences in a person destiny. Look forward to your reply. Regards. Angeline Ng


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