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1 Oct 2011 at 8:37:18 PM
Hello Joey,

 I'm from Kuching, got to meet u about 2 years ago, at your office, when I drop in to make purchases of your books. I was in KL attending your annual seminar a few times and as for this year, I attended it in Kuching. After reading most of your books especially those on bazi, even watch and listen to the Bazi disc, Im still quite blur or maybe cant see the actual picture. 

 At the moment, Im still reading the Power of X and trying to do the exercise in there. I love to read and very curious to continue, as I find that your books are like crime story, trying to get clue to my questions. I did attend a consultantion  and was told that I can do business and can go into stock market. So, I did invest with the little money that I got, but sad to say, all loss, now, just holding very badly losses shares. 

I have dorminant IW, DO and EG on the heavenly stem, so, what actually should I do? Im a very low paid Government Servant (my salary is paid lower than my actual qualification - being exploited) I have been working there since 1980, starting as a daily-paid and just manage to get converted to being monthly on July, 2009, no salary increased, instead a loss of 5 days' annual leave. I'm good at computer but whenever I created something, the credit goes to someone else, but jobwise, I enjoy lots of free time and freedom, until lately, my direct boss also want to move me out of my present working place. 

 I want to go for a consultation but I need the cash for somethingelse, my children's education. 

1) What should I do? I mean, do some business (what sort)? 

2) Presently, I'm going tru my 6th pillars, with a clash, a good one or bad? and also a combination with the spouse pillar producing water (DO), what is the outcome? 

3) At times, I feel very exploited and feel like seeking legal action against the government, can I go ahead? 

4) Next year is Ren Chen, so, there's a 3 harmony (water), so much water in chart, since Ren is my 7K, revealed, now what should I do? Looks like Shen (IW) being combined away 

5) I want to make more money, but don know how to go on, please advise. 

Thank you very much, Joey 

 Regards, Felicia
1 Oct 2011 at 3:13:28 PM
Dear Joey, 

 Am an ex-M2 student and very avid Bazi enthusiasts since Yr06. This is concerning my nephew who make a sudden decision to stop his education in college mid this year. He was doing IT related course. My concerns for him are:

 1) Is it better for him to stop for awhile and look at other options? 

2) What is his favourable study course if decided to continue? 

3) If wood is his UG, how would he use it in life to help him control his strong water? 

4) If he decides to work for now, what type of related industries better for him to excel? 

 Many thanks as am quite concerned for him. 

 Warm regards Grace
29 Sep 2011 at 10:09:34 AM
hi joey im david, firstly ive only just found you on the internet 7 will purchase books as finances allow. what is the best way to enhance my reputation? im a dragon sign, english male trying to be a buddhist, some people really dont like me yet i believe im a good person. i try tobe the best i can be but some people (family) keep bringing me down? although i have excellent comunication skills i seam to be missing in the relationship area of life. secondly could i get a tattoo saying; wishing you good health & prosperity on my arm, so when i shake hands with a new person i can forward this ? karma, does this make sense to you? is it appropriate? i intent it to be in chinese also wishing you good health & prosperity thanks david (dave preferred)
28 Sep 2011 at 6:16:37 PM
I have been trying to follow the advice from your book and info from one your seminar as strict as possible till now (so much bad luck and mishaps had happen to us in the past it was like we were on candid camera) . Due to a move interstate we are force to sell the house or rent it out. The catch is (I am sure a lot of your fans will also come across this problem) the real estate agent said we must do the landscaping which meant disturbing and digging up the ground. 

Our house faces the east. I am VERY apprenhensive to even do any digging especially due to a blog about the advice from a attendee of your seminar who mentioned dire consequences of anyone who do major work in the east. How do I get around this so I can actually increase the price of the house without incurring the misfortune that we have just started to come out of after 2 years? Please HELP! Thanks
21 Sep 2011 at 8:59:41 PM
Hi Joey, this is my 2nd attempt in writing to you. Hopefully you will help me to clear my doubts as it has created certain "fear" after knowing the stars can actually affect your personal life. 

After reading 3 of your books, I concluded that my house is facing East 1 (Sitting West1) a Dui House. My questions are:- 

(1) Is this room suitable for my husband? My husband (Gua No:2) is sleeping in a Northwest Sheng Qi sector, bed facing his Life Gua North direction Jue Ming. No other options for other walls because occupied by built-in wardrobe, beam or facing bedroom door. Bedroom door located in Southeast Liu Sha using small Tai Ji. Natal chart for this room is Sitting Star 2/Facing Star 5. Do I need to use the metal solution to weaken the #5 star as suggested in your book? How to weaken #2? 

(2) Another bedroom option is in the Southwest Tian Yi sector, bed facing East wall Huo Hai direction or South Liu Sha direction facing window. No other options of wall. Bedroom door located in Yan Nian sector using small Tai Ji. Natal chart for room is Sitting Star 7/Facing Star 9. Is this room better for him?

 (3) My maindoor is located in Northeast Yan Nian sector but natal chart is Sitting Star 4/Facing Star 3. Do I need to use red carpet and red lampshade to weaken star #3 ? 

 (4) My kitchen is located in Tian Yi(wet kitchen), Fu Wei and Sheng Qi sector (both dry kitchen). Stove knob facing north Jue Ming direction. Oven facing south six killings direction. I don't cook much. Any remedy? 

Thanks Joey and god bless you.
26 Sep 2011 at 2:04:40 PM
Good Morning, Joey:) 

Since I start working at 2007 until now, I had read more than 30 books written by you ranging from Bazi, Feng Shui, Mian Xiang and Date selection and attended 2 workshops (Bazi Module 2 since 2009 & Water Feng Shui Formula 2011). 

The knowledge i accumulated during this 5 years had impact my life significantly as i had been apply the knowledge i gain in a lot of situation e.g. 

 1. In 2009, Date selection for my wife who undergo surgery to remove cycst in her uterus. The operation was very successful which was half an hour completed early than expected, no complication, no residue of cycst etc. 

 2. In term of Mian Xian, the knowledge i gain had been used in my classroom and laboratory session (2007-2011) especially during the 10 min break time. The impact i found out is that the student naturally will practice what i deliver to them e.g. look at their friend face whenever out for supper, talk with their family etc. And it is helpful for them in understand their own family member better. 

 3. Bazi wise: In Sept 2011, i had employed a confinement lady and found out that she had a self-punishment (in her day and month pillar) in her chart and now i understand why she was so frequent do not follow request of my wife and mother in law. But i also found out that she is an honest and hardworking. Haha! By understand her chart, i accept her as a person and start to think of way to communicate with her and advice my wife and mother in law.

 Back to my questions: 

 1. Do i suitable to become a soft skill speaker (motivation and finance related workshop) and if suitable how long should i practice it as an employee before i can officially practice it as an employer role? 

 2. Between lecturer cum researcher and motivator, which one is the most suitable and the least resistant role for me?

 3. About investment, which one is suitable and the least resistant investment for me: Invest in stock-related product or Invest in Property? 

 Thanks for your time and generous effort in helping people like us. And really thanks for all your effort in creating a metaphysics books in English for people like us mandarin-blind chinese to learn to improve our life, haha! 

 Wish more happy event unfold daily in your life. You deserve it:) 

 Regards, Ivan Ho
27 Sep 2011 at 4:41:26 PM
Hi Joey, 

I am a student for feng shui life class held sometime ago. I am having some problems relating to spirits in the house. I have move to my new house about three years ago and Have recently could hear and feel a presence in the house although none of my family members could sense anything. Please advise what I should do in feng shui practice to ward out These spirits. Although, they do not cause me harm , I feel Very uncomfortable feeling their presence. Thank you. 

 Regards Mary tan
22 Sep 2011 at 10:53:56 AM
Hi Mr JY

 I'm currently in the beginning stage of starting a new business and have been having too many opinions on my business card design and am not too sure which is which as there are just too many feng shui consultants within my group of friends and families. There has been mixed response towards a dual sided business card design and placement of my details on my business cards. 

Being the master yourself, I'm hoping i can get some opinion from you. Thanks
24 Sep 2011 at 12:45:28 AM
Hi Joey, 

 I am new to FS. I attended your Wealth and Destiny live seminar before. I learnt some of the face reading techniques during the seminar. It is quite interesting. I also read your book about the Destiny Code recently. I have a degree in accountancy. Currently, I have some problem in deciding which career should I pursue. I have too much ideas in my mind. Financial analyst, auditor or go into the finance or banking industries? Would appreciate if you could really help me on this. Thank you. 

 Regards, Wong
25 Sep 2011 at 11:47:15 AM
Dear Joey Yap 

I come to know about you only this year and have been buying your books on bazi destiny. I have been reading your books from Bazi book 1 to the Power of X and is finding them interesting and useful as a guide to my life going forward. I wish to have known you much earlier to learn about bazi and its impact on one's life path. I have a few Q and really hope you can answer to help me confirm my reading: 

 1) According to my bazi, is ren water yin wood my best luck pillar. 

 2) My current luck pillar is gui water yi wood clash with ding fire you metal of my month pillar seems serious. Also my next luck pillar jia wood chen wu will clash with ren water wu xu of my spouse palace. I like to know if these 2 clashes are a clash-in or clash-out situation. Grateful if you let me know cause I am in doubt and if possible give me some advice.

 3) Which element in my chart is the Useful god and what would be my main health problem.

 I have read books written by other practitioners, and find yours most accurate after reading some bazi charts of people I know. Now I am reading your books almost everyday, some what adddicted. Thank you in advance for your time in answering my Q. Hope to be lucky this time.

 Best Regards YKeng
22 Sep 2011 at 6:09:55 PM
Greeting Mr Joey, 

it is great that you have this column so that people such as myself to obtain and have greater understanding in chinese metaphysics. I have bought many of your book including the last the Power of X. Currently, I am facing a great challenge again, I am out of job again and such predicament has been going on for the past 10 years. I did try to add value to my work yet my services are no longer required. I am current in I.T. industry. I have a family to feed and don't know what to do now. 

 My Question 1, Should I continue pursue my path in the I.T industry or go to another industry. I have been in many industry yet unable to put in 1 place for long. 

 My Question 2, I don't wish to move from job to job anymore, will there be a great change in the coming years. 

 My Question 3, Should I venture in business now or when you it be a good time to do so. Lastly the kind of business should I venture into. 

 Pls help.. I do require your advice. Much Appreciated!! Best Regards, Irwin
22 Sep 2011 at 9:16:53 PM
Hello. How are u? 1stly I would like to thank you for reading my masage.. I have you on question is......wen will I find my soul mate? Will I get married again? Will my business pick up as the last few mnths I have been havin a lot of financial problems lately?? Wat advice to give about my future?? Thank you for responding.... Zahida
17 Sep 2011 at 10:52:19 PM
Hi Joey,

 I'm new to FS. I bought and read your book on flying stars. Thank you very much for making FS so accessible and more importantly, sensible! I hv the following questions: 

 (1) I am about to start some major renovations on my home which is a split level house. Can the house be designed so that each level has a different facing (in other words, different location of useful stars at different palace)? 

 (2) if the facing star is 9 (fire), is water an appropriate mode of activation & can it be activated by plants?

 Thank you very much in advance! 

Best regards
18 Sep 2011 at 4:09:31 PM
Greetings to you,Mr.Joey Yap.. Its my 1st time writing to you and really excited here.Just want to share with you something.

1. Recently i have heard of people mentioning that if a lady wearing a gold ankle bracelet,it will affect hubby's career or income?Im really confused and having a huge question mark in my head. Ive been wearing a gold ankle bracelet on my right leg and just got married 3 months ago.I really hope you can kindly advise. :) 

2. My second worry is about my hubby's career.He's a businessman aged 47 born in sept,a dragon as well.Just being worried about his income lately due to economy down turn lately.

3. Is it true that everyone's destiny and how much we eat and live are all fated?

thanks so much for reading and really looking forward for your kind and professional advice.Have a nice day ahead.Many thanks. 

Yours sincerely, Angela Yap
18 Sep 2011 at 9:32:28 PM
hi joey , glad that you hav this columm to enable me to share some of my problem with you .... recently in this few years back, i feel that my life is getting deteriorating especially in wealth matters .... i have read your book about fengshui at home and i not really understand much about fengshui ....but i had put a lot of things that to enhance wealth qi such as laughing buddha , FUK LUK SAU and the 8 immortal . but still not up to better situation .... perhaps in a word to say , still same ... ntg change at all ..... and in this two year i got bought your calendar and follow the signs that wat should do and not should do on that day .... hoping to get advice from you on this matter ..... thanks ....
17 Sep 2011 at 4:55:45 PM
Hi Joey, I have an embarassing question to ask. Is it bad fung shui if water from a bucket used for mopping of floor is poured into a wash basin. My wife is so upset to the point of devastation after my son washed some gravels using a bucket which was regularly used for rinsing floor mops and then poured the dirty water into the wash basin. I feel that she is overreacting and I have difficulty to pacify her. If it is indeed a taboo or bad fung shui to have done that, then I will replace the wash basin. Hope you can advise. Thank you.
15 Aug 2011 at 10:13:56 PM
Hi Joey 

 I have read your bazi destiny 1 and 2 books and the 10 gods textbook. Have been trying to make out my bazi and interaction with my luck pillars. But recently I read through your handbook on Metal structures (as my DM is Geng metal) and I hope you could answer my queries. 

 1. If I understand this correctly, according to my birthdate and month I have a goat blade structure in my chart. What does a goat blade structure mean? 

 2. If I understand correctly, when the goat blade structure meets with a clash, it becomes a disaster structure. Am I right and what does a disaster structure mean? 

 3. . If this is so, I notice that this year the Mao annual pillar clashes with Xin in my bazi month branch and also in my next 10 year luck pillar when the Mao appears again, there will be a clash with Xin. So will the disaster structure manifest in my bazi chart and what does this mean personally for me? 

 4. If I have read your writings correctly, if there is an existing goat blade and if there is water in the branch (but not the stem) and another one of the remaining branches have a metal element, then this becomes a special structure called "follow the leader". It seems my chart then has a "follow the leader". 
        a. Do I have a follow the leader structure in my bazi? 
        b. With the mao xin clash as per this year's annual and the next 10 year luck pillars, what effect will this have on my follow the leader structure and its effect on me? 

 5. This "follow the leader' structure, this has not really been covered yet in any of your books, but I got the impression that the normal bazi "rules' dont apply. 
           a. So my trying to make sense of my bazi chart has to be looked at again if I do have this structure, am I right? 
           b. Does this mean that the "rules" relating to 10 gods and the "rules" regarding clashes, harms, destructions, punishments, combinations etc, would need to be modified with this "follow the leader structure"? 

 Will I still be able to use the information I have learnt from your 3 books I have read? Thanks very much for reading this. Hopefully it's OK to answer questions like these here, but if this were not so, then that's OK.
30 Jul 2011 at 3:03:24 AM
Dear Joey,

 I recently found out i have cataract on my left eye.There is no other treatment other than surgery.I think i will used up my next semester break Hari Raya Puasa to cure myself before gettin serious--Lazy eye.What a bad life!! not fair!!I am too young to deserve it. 

 Besides, i faced problems at my academic.I took UniSA Commerce degree.Weekly quizes of 20 multiple choices and Monthly assignment of 1000+words are quite stressful and I subsequently judging myself whether i have the ability to cope with it. Just with a feeling to share with you.

Have a nice day!Again life is awful.Hope all of u enjoy your life. -Waylon-
17 Aug 2011 at 10:08:07 AM
Hi Joey 

 Met you at Ngee Ann bookstore and bought the 'power of x'. It is so interesting and easy to understand that i couldn't stop finishing it till 2am and have repeated reading it again so as not to miss on anything. when is yr next series coming? I want to learn to read my friends like a 'book'. 

 By the way, in my stem, i have DO in my hour, 7K in my month and DO again in my branch (year) and DO (month pillar) in my sub qi, you mentioned too many DO will result in divorce. Is this not a good spouse star? My sister also has DW and IW and RW in stem. branches also lot of DW, IW and RW. But she is still not very well off despite all the wealth stars, any reason for this? 

 thanks for reading. carol Please enlighten.
17 Aug 2011 at 10:06:31 PM
Hi! I have just read your book, Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, which got me interested in Feng Shui. 

 My apartment facing is S3 and my house was built during Period 7. I hope you will be able to advise me with the following :  

a. I am concerned about my bedroom (North sector) which has a double 7 Facing & Sitting Stars. I understand that the number 7 Star is now inauspicious and wonder what I can do to reduce its effect? 

 b. Also, what cures can I put up for rooms with 2/3 or 3/2 Facing/Sitting Stars?

 c. Is it all right to have a water feature in the East/SE sector, especially now that the Yellow 5 Star is in the East this year and in the SE the next? 

d. Also, my Facing/Sitting Stars are 9 & 5 in the East. If not, where is the best place to put my water feature?

 I am afraid my understanding of the 5 Elements is not up to par and hope to improve my knowledge with your other book, Joey Yap's Pure Feng Shui. I sincerely hope you will be able help me. 

 Many thanks!! Cindy
29 Aug 2011 at 8:02:27 PM
I will be give birth on oct 2011, now I have a big problem. We need to install aircorn at our room but cant drill,right ? But we instead need to install,can you advice me?


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