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23 Apr 2012 at 1:57:38 PM
Hello Joey,

 I am your new fan and want to become your student. I feel that this is what I want to do, become a Feng Shui consultant. I would very much appreciate your advise, according to my chart is this a suitable field for me to pursuit, will I be successful? If not, could you please advise in what field will I be successful in? 

 Thank You, Sue
16 Apr 2012 at 9:56:37 PM
Hi Joey, 

 Enjoyed your 1st book from the Power of X series very much. I have been an avid fan of bazi and I am the learning all the technicalities through your books. I look forward to reading all the books from your Power of X series and hope to attend your courses one day. I have some questions on bazi that I need your advice. Not so much on myself but of my husband's (his DOB and time of birth is filled above). 

He is a very hardworking person, giving his 100% all the time in his job. However, throughout his worklife, he has never been appreciated by his bosses/managers no matter how well he has done. Given his current job, he should have the opportunity to travel but he never really had. Even if there is, he must always fight hard for it unlike his counterparts. I pity him sometimes and I can understand his frustration. 

Will he ever get noticed or is it better for him to start something on his own? Has he missed his prime years?
26 Apr 2012 at 2:25:17 AM
Hi mr Yap, 

 I'm one of your big fan and I've read recently your book " Pure Fengshui" I'm from Iran and we are a group,working as a fengshui consultants As you may know here in iran we are a little limitted and I want to know which book do you propose me to read next, and do you think if we continue our consulting without paying attention to flying star and just bagua and five elements does it work?
13 May 2012 at 4:11:58 PM
Hi Joey, 

 When I was in my 30s, I had been to an Indian astrologer and a Chinese master. I was told that I have a marriage life in my 20s and both of them area baffled when I told them I was still single then...I still am. Have they been wrong in the reading or was there something "blocking" my "Mr Right"? 

Will I ever find my life-partner? 

Please advise and thank you so much. Ms Ng
30 May 2012 at 2:04:01 AM
Hello Joey, 

sorry, my english is not good. I writte from Germany. And I love your books about BaZi Destiny Code Serie. I got all. In Germany I cannot find books. My question is. My Boyfriend is born is southafrika. Under the equator line. Are the animals Interpretation different to the north of the world??? Ore the same?? The clima is changed from summer and winter. Can you help my for the chart? I have Dragon, Ox, goath and Ox. But how is the character of this?? The same like Germany Chart?? Thank you for your help!!!! 

 With lots of regards Nicole à Tellinghusen / Germany
31 May 2012 at 8:19:44 PM
Dear Joey, 

 I've attended Dyd, Bazi module 1 & 2 and read several of your books, and would sincerely like to thank you for sharing the knowledge. It's like now I have an added filter to see people and life, and this clarity makes understanding and acceptance much easier and less stressful. I have been practicing with friends but sometimes unsure, hope you can help me with Sbeng. Water his influence element is absent in his chart, he works hard and hope for a promotion. Can the present luck pillar with water element and Chen You combination that produce metal be favourable for a promotion? Metal is favourable to him. Will he be able to use water whenever it appears in luck or year pillar or is he immune to it that it does not help him? Thank you, appreciate your insight. 

 Best Regards, Susie Lau
6 Jun 2012 at 12:01:11 AM

My wife and myself had attend your talks, we are really impressed by your speech. I have a problem with my Career. Most of the time my working career only lasted 1 to 2 years. I wish to ask why my career path as a Regional Manager is always not smooth for the last 6 years. When can I land on a good career or should I start my own busines? Is there something wrong somewhere? 

 From Andrew See
19 Jun 2012 at 12:04:41 AM
Hi Joey, 

 My journey with feng shui and bazi started when we purchased your Feng Shui for home buyers series (internal & external). The books were quite impressive, engaging and provided me with some pointers on feng shui. Soon I found myself venturing into the Bazi series (4 books) and even attended one of your talks. The books were quite captivating and I find myself pouring thru them over and over again in trying to have a better understanding of my daughter's bazi. However as my understanding of bazi is pretty basic. 

 Hence I need some advice on her bazi to help narrow down on the course that she shld be pursuing :- 

 1. She was born on 12.01 a.m. on the 16th of Oct 1995 in M'sia. Hence she has pig/dog/dragon/rat in her yr/mth/day/hr pillar. She has expressed interest to pursue medicine. However we are concerned that she might not have the commitment, tenacity and probably intelligence to see thru it. She is a Yang metal born in the season of autumn whereby Metal is most prosperous. Hence her career choice shld be in the area of Wood, Fire or Water. Wld she be better off doing law, actuarial science or bio-chem related subjects? 

 2. She also has Dragon-Dog clash in her spouse palace. Her DO which is her spouse star is involved in the clash. Does this translates into an unhappy marriage? Or cld this simply mean that she marries someone who is from a totally different background/culture fr her? 

 3. She has 2 graveyard animals which contains weak and nascent qi. What does this translates into? Poor health? Wld appreciate if you could help enlighten us on the questions above. 

 Thanks in advance. rgds, Vince
5 Jun 2012 at 8:16:30 AM
Hi joey! 

 I just started reading your books (digital edition) and bought some online lessons that i felt uncleared to me after taking some of online fengshui classes with other fengshui masters.. im very fascinaated with your approach because even on level 1, explainations are quite clear and simple.. now its clear to me the differnce between pop and classical fengshui.

 I just have one concern for now, in your book YOUR AQUARIUM HERE you said that the top of the aquarium should be open and visible for CHI to collect. using large aquariums with size such as 4feetx3feetx1.5feet its difficult to have an open top since we have to install the overhead filter to keep the water clean and also the overhead lights.. putting these items will close the top.. please expound on this.. thanks.. rina
13 Jun 2012 at 11:03:23 PM
Dear Joey, 

I loved all your books about 10 gods! They really helped me. My chart is a Goat Blade, don't want clashes, so think that my useful god is Indirect Resource and favor Friends - Rob Wealth. But, in hour stem there is a BING, we could say that it is a clash with day master, although the sun cannot melt the metal! And if it is, what happens to Goat Blade? Should I read it like a simple strong chart with useful god Fire? I am working as a medium and karmic astrology consultant. Is this ok for me?

 Thank you for your help.
17 Jun 2012 at 12:59:38 PM
Good day to you Mr Joey Yap. 

I attended your Master Your Future : "Career, Health & Relationships" in TARC, Setapak yesterday. Although only have one hour, but I still learn something through it.

 1) My profiles strength chart shows me have 0% for Analyzer, Philosopher, Leader, Director, Performer, & Diplomat, but have 98% on Pioneer. However I always don't have the luck on indirect wealth. Is this possible can try to do any changes on the it? 

 2) I was trying to find a job which can bring satisfaction to me. I'm now work as Administration. Is it the suitable job for me? If not, what kind of career will be suitable for me? 

 3) Regarding for the Noble People through my BaZi Chart, it stated were Tiger & Horse. But what I had been told by other people was Dog. I was so confusing who is/are the exactly Noble People I have? And I had a weak communication connection with these two Noble People. What shall I do?

 4) Sometimes I had a strong sixth sense on something (especially something bad happen) and it had been irritating me for many years. What shall I do? Your advice & guidance are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you. Best regards, Emily
19 Jun 2012 at 1:49:40 AM
Hi Joey, 

 I'm a student of the Mastery Academy, attended Feng Shui and Bazi courses in Canada, have bought and read quite a few books and video classes. Currently, I'm experiencing an issue with the "Hired Help". I'm willing to pay money, but people either don't show up at all, or the jobs are not done properly. I've tried to activate the "Noble man" sector on a suitable day and time, but it doesn't seem working. Should it be a personal Noble man, or something to do with the house? What could be the means of activation, apart from water? How long should the activation process last? Could you please recommend a solution to my issue? 

 Thank you very much!
19 Jun 2012 at 3:18:51 PM
Dear Joey,

 I attended your seminar, "Decoding Your Destiny" at KLCC on 10 June. I had fun listening to your talk and I look forward to attending your New Year 2013 seminar! I've got a few questions that I hope you could help me out: 

 1) You mentioned that those who have Yin Fire & Yin Water in their chart could consider career in Metaphysics/Astrology/Psychology. I have both elements in mine but what about the other elements in my chart? Are they all favourable or do they work against one other? 

2) I have interests in many things and I'm not sure which career path to choose. I have narrowed the list down to Feng Shui consultant, customer service, online fashion business. 

Based on my chart, which one do you think will suit me best? Or should I focus on other jobs instead? Thank you.
6 Jun 2012 at 9:24:33 PM
Hi Joey 

 Firstly, thank you for your great books and videos. Being based overseas, they have been our greatest source of ACCURATE feng shui knowledge. Since picking up your first book a few years back, we have pretty much stopped reading the books from other authors as we find your instructions simpler and your explanations much easier to understand, but most importantly, to us, it is based on purer and truer feng shui teachings. 

 We caught you in your last visit to Melbourne and Jessie from your group managed to do a detailed and as it turns out, very accurate bazi reading for us. Anyway. we are in the process of buying a new house and this particular house has a tree across the street that is in front of the front door but it is not that straightforward. 

You see, the front door is a double door with the left panel being the side that normally opens and the right panel actually remains bolted shut most if not all the time. The tree sits directly in front of the right panel of the front door and the left panel, which is the one we use, is not affected by the tree at all. Does this mean that the tree is still extremely bad for the house in this instance? Even if we never open the right panel of the double door that the tree sits in front of? We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

 Thank you. Sarah
9 Jun 2012 at 9:00:02 AM
Dear Joey, 

 I have invested the art of feng shui through your books, courses, talks to improve myself. I am amazed with your hypothesisg & interpretation of the ancient feng shui and your ability to ease our learning process. As for me, I am a struggling student who is interested in own Bazi but despite learning and relearning, I have to take a backseat and unable to progress to a level which many of your students may have achieved. However, I hope I could try my luck writing to you and you could address my concern & help me understand the hurdle I face. 

 1) From the BaZi Ming Pan Calculator that I have charted out, I am lacking in Water. I received offers for jobs but I am skeptical of accepting due to my previous unfavourable working culture. Please advise how can I progress based on my Bazi characteristics? 

 2) Though I am not extremely frustrated at my job, I have done extra ordinary achievements but my current superior does not notice my contribution? Should I give up & step down for a more relaxed lifestyle? Yes or No - what is the solution and a favorable time? 

 3) Am I clash with Horse born in 1990? I can't seem to have a good relationship and talking terms with this daugther of mine although I attempted to communicate. After leading a life of hard-knocks if it is not too late and hope that you could provide some insight from my bazi chart. Should my questions be addressed, I'm prepared and most willing to share my rewards to the needy and recognition to you.

 Thank you for your valuable time. 
19 Apr 2012 at 9:12:31 PM
In 2007, I start reading your Bazi Destiny Code & Bazi Destiny Code Revealed. My interest in Bazi started from there. But without much references & tutorial, I can't go any further.Recently I bought 2 books online from you, namely The Power of X Series. I also took up your Bazi Mastery 1 Homestudy Course which I just received today. I'm so excited in starting with the Bazi Analysis soon! Actually I have question regarding my daughter. The above date is hers. My daughter is now in her final pharmacy year in Australia. Next year she need to do internship. She is worried because until now she haven't got any offer of internship from the pharmacies that she had send her application to. Secondly, she also intend to apply for PR this year. She is worried of not being accepted. I am worried that these matters will affect her performance. Hope to received your advice and guidance on these matters. Thank you.
3 May 2012 at 6:16:03 PM
Dear Joey, 

I have paid for the learning experience through your books, courses, talks. I am amazed by your skilful reading & interpretation of charts with ease, accuracy and your knowledgeble application at your finger tips and strong memory power. Sadly, I am a struggling student who is interested in Bazi but takes a backseat & unable to progress to a level which many of your students have attained. 

However, I hope that you could address my concern & help me understand the hurdle I face. 

 1) I have been told that my under performance is due to my weak DR. I have water in my chart - am I unable think out-of-the-box? How can I progress or perhaps Bazi reading is not for me? 

2) Secondly I'm in my 6th luck pillar Ding/Si which you mention a clash to natal chart. Does this contribute to my current work frustrations and my fight for recognition? Should I give up & step down for a more relaxed lifestyle? Yes or No - what is the solution or is it a favorable time to start a small business venture? 

 I seek a path of least resistance after leading a life of hard-knocks if it is not too late and hope that you could provide some insight from my bazi chart. Should my questions be addressed, I'm prepared and most willing to share what I have received to charity and merits to you. 

 Thank you for your time.
29 Apr 2012 at 11:44:08 PM
Dear Joey, 

I've consulted your consultant, gotten your reports on my bazi and read your bazi series of books I bought and attended some of your seminars. I thought I have the basics understood until my parents brought me to a couple of traditional bazi readers. 

The thing that got me puzzled is the term golden rat year. They say golden rat year only occurs 1 every 60 years. When I checked with your analysis, the year I was born is the Wood Rat (My Day Master should be a weak Ding Fire). But still the term, pen written on my birth cert upon my birth is the golden rat year. And of late, the traditional bazi readers refer to my birth year as the golden rat year. I could not find any written information on this. 

What is the difference between the golden rat year and the wood rat year? Is the golden rat year a metal element on the year pillar?

 The reason I ask is because to them, only the golden rat has a serious conflict with the fire snake and their analysis starts with the year pillar before moving on to the spouse palace. I have someone dear to me that would like to move on to the next level but because of this, and the age gap, my family, relatives and friends are very worried. We are open to any advice and are willing to forego the next level if the conflict does have negative impact and complicate matters as we can still be supportive friends.

 I hope and greatly appreciate your sharing and advice on this. Thanks a lot, Joey. Warmest regards.
30 Apr 2012 at 2:27:11 PM
Dear Joey, 

 I have been buying most of your books, both fung Shui and Ba Zi in-fact I plan to get your your book on Yi Jing once it hits the stand. I have two questions to ask you. I am worry with the bad effect at S The SW1 and E3 of my apartment sits a door. Q1: Will the door activite SW1 which where the 5 Ghost resides. Q2: Some renovation had been done by my neighbour below on SW. Will this activate the 5 Ghost. If yes, how do I de-activate the 5 Ghost which sits at SW. 

 I am very worry with the effect at SW since it had be activated, please advice me how to de-activate as it would also effect my family too. Thank you. 

 Best Regards, Irwin Siew
2 May 2012 at 2:04:36 PM
Dear Joey, 

 My father recently purchased your book, Feng Shui for Homebuyers and he came across regarding Y shaped tree directly on the main door will affect the wealth of person living in the house. He started to think the tree give bad luck to him as my grandpa just passed away and he just undergone bypass operation. My mother is recently diagnosed with liver disease. Therefore, my father is very troubled over the fact as our main door directly facing to the Y shaped tree that belong to our neighbour and thinking to try to chop down the tree illegally. Is it true that Y shaped tree only affect the wealth and not the health of people that live in the house? I hope you can help me in this so I can talk my father out of this. Thank you in advance for answering. 

 Regards, Jennifer Khoo
3 May 2012 at 5:43:15 PM
Hi Joey, hope I'm lucky getting my question ask. Since I read ur 1st book - Bazi The Destiny Code in Apr, 2005 I like it some much that I wrote to ur staff asking when is ur nx book coming. I've all ur 4 editions now though it was a long wait b4 the 2nd book arrived. My question : I plotted my Bazi Chart using The Ten Thousand years Calender manually as suggested in ur 1st book and then compared to that plotted using ur on line tool I found the 2 sets of charts are different. I found no mistake on the manual chart after going through few times. Can ur software having a problem or ur Ten Thousand Years Calender has misprint? Chart is based on the abv DOB and TOB. Appreciate ur comments. Thks.


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