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5 Dec 2011 at 8:26:23 AM
Hi, I'm not sure if my DM is Weak or Strong DM. I understand that they're 5 seasons if you include Earth. I'm said to be born in Summer Earth, does this make my DM a bit weak? what are my favorable elements? Could you please tell me what careers will suit me? Thanks, once again!
28 Nov 2011 at 7:07:05 PM
Hi Joey,

 I have the good fortune to be introduced to your seminar and books since 2009 and your style of writing made a new reader like me enjoy and understand Bazi and Fengshui easily, thank you. Pertaining to Fengshui, I especially enjoyed the Pure Fengshui, Your Aquarium Here, Stories and Lessons on Fengshui. Other than your books, the annual Fengshui seminar has now become a must-attend event for me to find out and prepare for what's in store in the new year. I chanced upon this Q&A page while booking the ticket and I think it's a great improvement from your previous one. Keep it up! For now, pls advise if my understanding of the online Daily Tong Shu at the Mastery Academy Facebook page is correct(if there's a self-help section do point it out to me):

 a) Where sectors are marked with 1,6,8 or 9 daily flying star, we can tap into the good qi by being located in these sectors for that day? The daily flying star will override the monthly flying star for that day then? 

 b) If the sector has positive qi for this year e.g. SE, is it ok for us to shift furnitures in it as long as we choose a day where the flying star is 1,6,8 and 9 and the daily tong shu stated suitable for moving? My thinking is that these are favourable stars to activate anyway, right? 

 c) If we want to do some renovation in the South sector of our house, it is best to wait till after 2011 so as not to activate the negative qi/incur serious health problems? Does having the fan on the whole night in this room activate the negative qi anyway? 

 d) Can u advise briefly how to use the physical tongshu? I got hold of your copy once and was totally baffled. Many thanks in advance for your kind advice!! 

 Best Regards Shermayne
28 Nov 2011 at 1:45:42 PM
Hi, I have read your book The Destiny Code Revealed, and I still cannot identify my favourable and unfavourable elements. I think my chart is hot, and water is a favourable element. Wood is missing but I am not sure if it is favourable since it will fuel fire. Metal may be unfavourable since I already have quite a lot of metal in the chart. I am trying to determine what career would be suitable for me and when are the lucky periods. Should I invest in real estate or the stock market?
26 Nov 2011 at 2:35:43 PM
Dear Joey, 

My ming gua is Metal, West group, I am building a house. Facing Direction South, Main door facing north. Land size, width 14m, length 22 m Because of house building rules, the 6m front part of the land cant be build and therefore will function as a front garden and carpark. 

 1. To determine the areas within the house, sheng qi, tian yi, etc. Do i need to find the center of the house? or the center of the land ? 

 2. Is it true that when building the kitchen, the gesture when cooking should not be shoving towards the main door as it will throw away wealth? 

 Thank you very much, regards, Joie
15 Nov 2011 at 5:53:32 PM
Dear Joey. 

I would like to ask you about something that is important to me. What it take to become a feng shui Consultant ? ( not speaking about master) Should i follow some special class, perhaps an exam ... or if all about believe, and learning about what is feng shui. Many thanks.
24 Nov 2011 at 7:26:48 PM
Hi Joey 

 Your books are fantastic and I really enjoy reading them. I need to have some clarification on period change for house renovation. I bought a period 7 house E3 (1989) and intend to do renovation on the house. I'd rather the period stays at period 7 but because the roof on left side is lower, I need to bump that up, rearrange the old roof tiles and replace some of the patio roofs 1/3 with new roof tiles, the rest of the old roof tiles will be reused just bumped up and rearranged. 

So my question is if only partial roofs are changed and extended for porch, floor tiles and main door changed, would my house now be period 8 house or remain as period 7 since it's only partial roof rather than the whole roof changed? I am moving the door to the left side coz the current door is kinda facing a T junction, quite a minor one not direct and its a quiet road. If I want to retain the period, what should i do, retain the old door and reuse? Please advise. 

Many thanks for your help.
27 Nov 2011 at 11:12:54 AM
Hi Joey, Thank you for making Chinese Metaphysics easy for everyone. I had a great time following your classes & just finished reading your Bazi The Destiny Code. :) Recently I've bought your 2012 Tong Shu Monthly Planner and I've found out that 25th January 2012 is a Year Breaker. According to what I have read in the notes for Empoweering Your Relationship Course (which i have attended few months back), Year breaker is when the animal sign of the year clashes with the animal sign of the day. According to your planner, 25th January 2012 is a wood rooster (Yi You) and year 2012 is a water dragon. So isn't it 2012 (dragon) is suppose to clash with dog day? I'm a little confuse here. Hope you can help to clear my confusion. :) Thanks & Regards, Mandy
6 Nov 2011 at 3:56:27 PM
Dear Master Joey,I have great pleasure in following your teaching in the most important subject of ones life road map.I have attended 1 seminar and read a few of your masterpiece and I am happy to say that your guidance does work like magic.I am born on the 3rd Dec,58 at 7:30am and till now I still can't understand what is in my chart.I have wealth elements in my hour(Chen Dragon) and year(Xu Dog) pillar,both Indirect Wealth.I have had experienced some tough situations(Dog/Dragon clash) before and I hope you can enlighten me more about my Bazi chart.Please tell me if I still have the opportunity to build or increase wealth and if yes,would it be something to do with real estate or properties(earth)?I am now seeking backers for my political cartoon to be compiled into books.Do you see that I may contribute something substantially worthwhile?Thanking you in advance and I shall donate to charity if you may answer my questions.
8 Nov 2011 at 1:56:22 PM
Few years ago I went to my friend home town Melaka. Her uncle is practicing Bazi (unsure whether he is a professional or not). I was told that I am a weak Earth turn strong Earth and my favourable element is metal and water. Wood will only be useful is Fire in not present. He also hint that I may suffer loneliness in my whole life. But in your book, Bazi the Destiny Code, Earth is trap in winter month, as such I should be a weak Earth. Please advise me the following whether a) I am a strong Earth or weak Earth. b) What is my favourable element c) Am I will be single until old age as per my friend uncle comment
7 Nov 2011 at 12:54:03 AM
I just want to know whether there is really people who is born with good people relation and those born with bad people relation. I always notice that my people skill is poor and people tend not to like me. By reading my day, time and year of birth is that what it says about me. Please assist, thanks alot.
7 Nov 2011 at 5:38:58 PM
Hi Mr Joey, To put it bluntly I'm somebody's mistress. Been with him for almost 22 years. He is not rich at all just an average bloke. In this 22 years I've gone through all the bad patches with him without whining. In fact when he was almost down and out I took out my own money to help him. Lately he has become very unbearable to be with. I want to break off my relationship with him but couldn't do it due to financial strain as I depended on him for my livelyhood (I work for him). Also at this age it's almost impossible to get outside employement. My question is :- Am I going just to rot my life away like this?
2 Nov 2011 at 8:46:33 PM
Dear Joey, I have bought the 2012 forecast report. Noted that there are a lot of opportunities of growth in the coming year. This make me really excited about it. However, I have been worry and always have different ideas in pursuing my career for the last 2 months. It seems that I do not really satisfied with my current job. Noted that finance and banking industry are my wealth element. I have been looking for banking jobs recently but it seems that I still not able to get a job from bank which is related to my study as accountancy. Is it the time has not come yet or my attitude or skill needs to be improved. What should I do? Stay as what it is now? Pls advise. Thank you.
23 Oct 2011 at 10:41:58 PM
Good day to you Joey! I'm Vi-Ven! My mother and I consulted you on our homes' feng shui before in Alor Setar and Penang...Maybe you still remember it. I read a few of your books on Bazi and face reading and found them really interesting and helpful. Thanks! The reason I write to you today is to seek guidance and advice on whether I should further my studies in Australia. I was given the opportunity to further my studies in Victoria, Australia and I'm wondering whether should I study there. Will it be a better option for me to stay here and get my SPM certificate or should I study abroad as advised by most of my friends? I'm currently standing on one of the important crossroads in my life and so I wish that I can make the right choice. That's all I have to ask. Can you help me based on my bazi? I really appreciate your professional advice. Thanks!
30 Oct 2011 at 12:23:29 AM
Is all abandoned housing projects always consider bad feng shui and therefore it was left abandon. If the project had revived, does it means we must avoid buying it from the seller even though as a second hand unit ?
18 Oct 2011 at 8:16:16 PM
Hello Joey, 

 I am a big fan, bought the Destiny code book 1 and 2 currently reading The Power of X very additive can not leave it down, but a have a worrying question i hope you can clarify it for me. It is true that if the month and year branch clashes indicated parent will divorce or pass away early ( before 30 years old) . 

As i have 3 children my first and third child's bazi chart Month and year are clash, month-xu dog yang earth, year-chen dragon yang earth but my middle child month is goat yin earth and year pig yin earth.I would be very grateful if you could set some light. by the way will you ever come down to Melbourne Australia? Regards, Jv
25 Oct 2011 at 11:42:26 AM
Dear Joey, Thank you for your informative website. Can you help me? My luck is bad. No job yet and its been 11 months. I'm trying to understand my Ba Zi and believe I can change my destiny. I need to find out when I will get a job and start getting money again. Need money fast. Would you please kindly let me know what you think of my Ba Zi. My birthday - April 12 Birth time - 5:55 a.m. longitude - 79.54 E with GMT +6 Whatever you can tell me, I will deeply appreciate. Somehow, I just don't feel right these days. Thank you Joey. Sincerely, Marissa
25 Oct 2011 at 10:00:45 PM
Hello Joey, Good day. How I love and treasure your three Bazi books series. I enjoy reading every words in it again and again. You really are heaven-sent and a genius at that, not only sharing your precious knowledge on Chinese Metaphysics, but explain everything in simple terms for us to easily understand and sometimes include a bit of sense of humour. May I know what's the next step I'll do to be a good Bazi consultant? Will I be one? Thank You for your advice. Mrs. Helen Lim Philippines
26 Oct 2011 at 3:39:06 AM
Hi Joey Two years back, I encounter bazi and had my chart plot out of curiousity by a master. As I find it interesting, I venture it deeper with your books, seminars and mini classes when I had the time. I had always carry two charts since due to the difference of plot charts from the master and the one that I plotted in your site. He, the master back then told me that because of my birth hour of the year was effected by the historical change of my country time zone, therefore my time and day of birth had change (-13 hrs incl. longitude and latitude calculation which I had no idea how it was calculated, I seek help from my cousin). Although the different of both charts seem small (hour and day pillar) but as I delve deeper into the knowledge of bazi, the gap increase and I was now lost to follow which chart to help me understand my path. So, I was wondering whether which is the correct chart, should I deduct the time different or follow my original time untouched? As in both chart, I have a yin+yang and thinkers structure; making myself over analyze and contradict most of the time, I really hope to get an answer or opinion on the question. Thank you.
17 Oct 2011 at 10:34:03 PM
Dear Joey, my journey to bazi started when a friend pass me your book 'Bazi, The Destiny Code'. i read with interest and bought your 2nd book 'Bazi, The Destiny Code Revealed' and 3rd book 'Ten Gods, The Power of X'. Sad to say, till now, i dont know if i'm strong or weak wood. Your example in 1st book is always refer to the season in the month born in, in that case, i will be weak wood as i'm born in summer but in your 2nd book, page 172 the metal is treated as strong. i am not sure if it is because it has got yin metal as earthy branch and the hidden stem and the water and metal in the hr and month pillar that has made it strong. The 2nd book pg 57 and 59 says sophisticated level of bazi will teach us how to appreciate that element can change, is there going to be a 4th book or so? please brief again on how to determine the strong and weak day element and to refer to which pg of which book. please do tell me if i am a strong or weak wood and why. thank you in advance
3 Oct 2011 at 6:12:18 PM
Dear Master Joey, 

 I would like to first of all express our sincere gratitude to you for disseminating your knowledge on Bazi through your books and my wife has bought your Bazi, FS, date selection and also the yearly calenders. 

She has also attended 2- 3 courses and consulted your consltants. This has helped us to understand our ups and downs more and also our son's behaviour / attitude over the past few years .... trying with patience. We will be very grateful if you could help him with his path of least resistance in his career as he keeps saying that he wants to help people so it will make his happy. 

We have provided examples of how he can have a professional life and also help others while working or in an off work charity way.... he has yet to listen and goes saying this repeatedly. How can we help him more. He is in a finance industry now . My apologies as I have included his DOB and time in the space above for your print out and analysis. Thank you kindly and may you continue to light up our path and darkness 

May you have the best of health, luck and long life Winson

4 Oct 2011 at 11:04:55 PM
Hi, I would like to know my career line and what I should concentrate on doing. I started my own business a year ago but I am still considering what is my real career path and future so I can be sure to do what is right for my life. Also I want to ask about girlfriend /wife / family things. I need to ask also what Chinese name would suit me. Thank you. Best regards, Terry Lim


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