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28 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, I just bought some of your books. When I wanted to measure the direction of my main door, I get two different measurement when I placed the compass on the floor (after seeing some fung shui master doing it) and held it at chest height. Which is the correct position? How about when we measure from the center of the house? Thank you.
16 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
hi, wishing you a happy christmas and prosperous new year.
3 Jan 2006 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey and the team, my house was constructed in 2003 and completed in the mid of 2004, and i moved in there in end of 2004. so what is the period of this house? hope you can answer my question asap..having very bad luck after i moved in..thanks - Jason
3 Jan 2006 at 4:44:54 PM
How to determine a house Kua ? My house faces a 20 ~ 23 degree on a compass. ( if North is 0 degree & NorthEast is 45 degree), what direction is it facing ? Thank you.
6 Jan 2006 at 12:00:00 AM
After going thru your Ba Zi book I realise that the dates of seasons relate to the northern hemisphere for eg winter is Nov to January. This period is of course, summer in the southern hemisphere. Thus does one have to flip reverse the process for those born in Australia?
8 Jan 2006 at 12:00:00 AM
Dearest Joey Understand that the Wu Wang will fly into West in 2006. I hv a big water feature with fish at that corner in my garden. Does this affect me or my family members in anyway? Btw, my house (landed property) faces South sector and I am an Oxen born in 1961.Thanks and wishing u a healthy and prosperous year ahead.
26 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, Would appreciate if you could let me know which door to use in the year of dog ?Since the NW is afflicted with Tai Sui and the North is Three Killings which door is more appropriate. Thank you
2 Jan 2006 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi, I have a question regarding my day master. My bazi is as follows: Year (Stem/Branch): Ji / Wei Month (Stem/Branch): Ji / Si Day (Stem/Branch): Bing / Zi Hour (Stem/Branch): Ren / Chen At first glance, it looks obvious that my day master is a strong Fire day master as my day stem is yang fire (Bing) and I am born in the summer season (Si). However, a further look shows that I am surrounded by plenty of elements which deplete the my strong fire day master. Especially my earthly day branch which is Zi (Water and the hidden stem consists of Gui, another water). My hour heavenly stem is another water and the rest are earth elements. Can I deduce from this that as a result, my day master becomes a weak Fire day master?
28 Dec 2005 at 4:15:13 PM
Good Afternoon Mr Yap, My name is Chee Lin, Ooi. I wish to make an enquiry about the term of bad luck. Well, I heard one of my friend said if a person which are always in bad luck can influence his or her friend/s. Meaning that the bad luck from the original person may delegate to his or her friend which are close to him or her. Is that true? Just curious.
30 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
I am in a dilemma on my KUA no. Born 3rd Feb 65 happened to fall on Chinese Calender 2nd day of CNY. Some say am a snake(after CNY), some say Dragon tail(because at that time actual CNY is on the 5th day). Without a proper identification, could get my translation wrong in fung shui that requires date of birth. Please enlighten.
5 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
is eye brow tattoo can change fortune or just for beautiful only?
28 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, My husband belongs to west group gua 5 and have purchased a North 2 house. Please advise whether my husband should follow North 2 house gua sectors or his personal gua 5 sectors which will be the North 2 house gua inauspicouos sectors. Your immediate reply is greatly appreciated as we intend to renovate this house now. Best regards Ryna
22 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey and team, My bedroom is in the South (upper floor while downstair is occupied by the kitchen). My main door is in NE of the house. For this month, I found that South has good monthly stars and I try to spend as much time as possible in my room. But then my nephew has been spending his time at the east sector. Will activating the feng shui come to a nought? Thank you for your time. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all. Best regards, Teresa.
22 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Hello Master Joey, I bought yr 2 new books on Baxi & Feng shui. I specially love reading the Baxi book which I read numerous times. When is yr next Baxi book coming out? I wish to know more abt my own fate. I am a bit worry after reading my own BAzi. At present I am going thro' yang Water/Yang Fire(Horse) luck pillar i.e. fr 41-50 yrs old. I'm 45 yrs old now & my DM is Yin Earth & born in winter Yin Earth. My favourite elements are wood & water. I have 2 Metal, 2 Wood, 4 Waater, 2 Fire & 5 Earth. I know metal & earth is my enemies but is FIRE is my enemy? Pls advise. Thank you very much.
17 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Just got a question in my mind! Ive attended JY talk at UTAR previously. He mention tha next year wealth star #8 is at the North Sector. He advice us to activate the North sector by using water feature there! so im puzzle that my kitchen is at North sector and my stove as well! so can i still activate the #8 ! issit a bad thing to have KITCHEN AND STOVE in the west for next year!
19 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, I hope this time you will give an answer to my question. All I need to know is it alaright to placce my cooker on a mobile unit. I was told by another fengsui master that it is inadvisable to do so because a cooker on a mobile umit signifies aqn unsteady income to the family.
20 Dec 2005 at 9:49:02 AM
Hi Joey, I've been browsing your website for almost a month now and so impressed with your way of practicing feng shui. I can see that you dont use lucky items and that really made me believe in you. I've been a feng shui enthusiast since 2002 and I always follow the flying stars every year. I want to change my way this year, I put so much belief in placing so many lucky items which I felt is not a need. Can you advise me where to put my fish tank for the year 2006, currently its in the west part of my house, 2 years ago its in the NW side, I would like to transfer it to the NW side again. Is it ok? I am married, with 3 kids, my birthday is January 3, 1972 I hope you will take time to answer my e-mail. Thanks and more power!
28 Nov 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
HI Master Joey: My house is a period 6 house, facing S1. Where should I place my water feature? Would it be better to convert it to Period 8? If yes, please advise what I should do. Thanx & Regards, Lee.
9 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
my kua is 3. my house is facing south 2. my kitchen is in the north east sector of the house. where to place my stove? what direction should my stove faces?
2 Dec 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
I'm staying in a house constructed & occupied in the period of 7; how can I change it to a period of 8 house in order to activate the 8 star(mine is a se2 facing house)
20 Nov 2005 at 12:00:00 AM
I, my wife and 2 children (a boy and a girl) live in a d/s SE facing house built in 1980. The 2 toilets (upstair & downstair) are placed in NW. My gua is 6. How to remedy this. Appreciate yr suggestions. TQ


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