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26 Sep 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, you book "Bazi Revealed" is tremensously helpful...sincere thanks. I have 2 nigging questions hope can help: 1)Day Pillar is Jia- Yin & Month Pillar is Wu- Wu. Present first Water Luck Pillar is Gui- Ren. The Jia Wood Day Master is supported by the only Ren Water is the Hour Eartthly Branch. How will the Gui Water impact on the Wu Horse in the Zi Rat Year? Given the Gui Water will be rooted next year,will you see a substantively strengthened Jia Wood here onwards? 2)Refers your article in the Star paper dated 23 Sept. 2007. What is the source of reference for the following: Dragon Virtue Star, Fortune Virtue Star, Moon Star & Sun Star? How can I derive these stars on a year-to-year basis? Also it appears that these stars for 2007 & 2008 are the same, as per your article. It will be helpful if you can illucidate on the above. Thnaks & regards.
7 Oct 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi Master Joey I am interested in your practitioners' courses and plan to be one of the members in your practitioner team in time to come. My concern is, other than the PDE (passion, determination & enthusiasm) you mentioned, before I embark on such a study, do I need to have my ba zi analysed to ensure that I suit and can make it in this field ? Regards, Phoenix Chin
7 Oct 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi Joey,I am very glad because I find your internet site. I am interesting in FS and I read a lots of books abut it, but when I read your books I have realized that all I read before was "new age feng shui" and that was nothing comparing to classical feng shui . I want to learn more and more, but can you tell me please from where should I start? What book do I have to read first ? Thank you and greeting from Croatia
15 Sep 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hello Joey, Ive been researching about the pei yao because accdg to fengshui specialists it is a good cure for many things. But I encountered your response to Noel's question and I got a little enlightened. My concern really is that our finances, safety and health seem to have been upset especially after our landlord sent his gardeners without warning and started clearing the compound where we are renting. The north area of the perimeter was especially disturbed. The clearing up should have been something good because all around the house, it was turning into a jungle (we are living in a 50 year old property). Unfortunately, just a few days into the clearing activities my married sister who supports us informs us that funds would be delayed because her daughter injured her knee in a soccer game and requires surgery. Then some weeks after, on the first week of September, my younger sister who lives with me and whose room is in the north part of the house was almost held up at gunpoint while waiting for her ride. Luckily I was around and scared off the man so only her toiletries were taken. Our funds come in trickle and I'm concerned about safety and security. Has this anything to do with the clearing activities? Is there anything we can do to fix it or harmonize things around the house? Our main door faces northwest. All our bedrooms are in the north to northeast upper section of the house. We did a "reading" of our birthsigns before and it said that all of us (me, my brother and sister) have a west/northwest orientation. My birthday is on October 19, 1964. I am a nurse, recently graduated supposed to be the head of the family, but currently receiving support from a sister from the US till I can go work abroad. I hope you can advise us, I've been having a headache researching on fengshui charms and since we live in Negros Occidental province, there isn't much material available. Thanks... and God prosper you.
17 Sep 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Master Joey, I am pleased to read your latest Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui It is easy to follow and very informative. A Big thank you. One question. I live in an apartment. The whole block is joint with another block ( back to back). We share the same corridors and using the same lifts. My block is facing SE2 whereas the other block is facing NW2. NW2 Block is facing an open space ( football field). Should I consider both as an buliding as they joint up with corridors. and plot my block's natal chart as Facing NW2 also. Please assist. I need to get this right first before I transfer the right chart into my apartment floor plan. Thank you. Best regards, Patrick Tan
3 Oct 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Master Joey, My kua no. is 6 (born in 1960) and presently staying in a period 7 N1 facing house. The main door is located in the NW but facing N1. I have been told that this house is inauspicious to me and pose serious health threatening problem to me. I am very worried and been having sleepless nights. Is it true about the saying and is there any remedy to this problem? Would appreciate if you could kindly advise. Thank you. Erica
5 Oct 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
I have attended your National Feng Shui Congress 2007. I have one question for the Date Selection. You have mentioned the Nobleman, and i found in the notes you have distributed, only 10 animal sign is Nobleman. Why Dog and Dragon is not a Nobleman? Its simply because I am a Dragon..... By the way, I have enjoyed your talk for 2 days and consider as fruitful to me. Thanks.
23 Sep 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
I read in one of your articles in the Star paper that having a main door right under the 1st floor's toilet is bad feng shui. Well, that is the case in the terrace house I have been staying for the past 10 years. My main door faces the North East direction and I am born in the year of the Pig (year of 1959). Unfortunately, there is no way I can change the main door's position unless a major renovation is done to change the same. Please advise whether there is any way to enhance a good feng shui position without having to spend an enormous amount of money on renovation.
1 Oct 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
HI Master Joey Yap, I attented your National Feng Shui Congress 2007 at KLCC. I have a question here, what is the period of this property if the presently it was a housing area but then after the years, the developer build a offce blocks there. So, can we say its a period 8 or period 7 property?Thanks!
12 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
I refer to Joey's article "A Healthy Wealth Qi" dated 16 July 2006. It refers to an example of a Period 7 South Facing house with the 8 Water Star in the SW sector. However, as a North Sitting house the SW is also the Jue Ming sector. For a 9 Kwa person, SW is also not a good sector. Does this mean that it would not be suitable to have the main door in the SW in this case? Would it be better to have the main door located in the S sector instead then?
19 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hello Mr. Yap, My name is Tali and I've learned professional feng-shui in Israel. I have some questions regards feng-shui issues and I will appreciate if you could help me with them: I reviewed a building from period 5. The building has 4 flours and its environment is old and neglected. One apartment in the building has been massively renovated (replacing windows, flooring, plumbing and painting).The renovating last about 6 months, and during that time the owners did not leaved in the apartment – did the apartment change it's period or stayed in the building's period. How can we explained the phenomenon which in a house (period 7) the ruling star is not entering (there are no opening for it to enter) and still, the house prospering (from economic and status point of view). I have to indicate that 7(W) is entering from the apartment's roofed parking. When the owner entering the building she bring with her 3(W) and 2(M). When the ruling star is blocked or not entering the house from any opening, does the recommendation is to leave the house or to renovate it in order to change period and bring in the ruling star? Or in case that the available stars are 1(W) and 9(W) are entering the house, but the ruling star is blocked – does it's enough the house to manage properly? Thanks in advance for your patient Regards, Tali Mashav
28 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Master Joey, May i know if there is any differences in feng shui reading for a double storey house? I have been told by a master that the bedroom upstairs is suitable for my sons but not the bedroom which is directly beneath it. I am really confused with this teory and hope you could enlightened me on this matter. Thank you very much.
28 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Mr. Yap, Thank you for your work in deciphering the science of Feng Shui. I have purchased, read and learned from many of your books. Although, I have learned a great deal from my readings, I am still very confused because of the conflicting informations between the content of your books and your web site (Q and A). The information in question is regarding the application of the #5 star,the Grand Duke Jupiter, the 3 killings and the year breaker. Your teachings is that these stars resides at different compass directional sectors and that they should not be disturbed by banging, digging, renovations etc., but the conflicting information is what should be defined and included in these sectors? My questions are: 1) When applying this theory, do we include just the footprint of the "house structure" only or do we have to include the entire land area we own in which the "house" is build on. The land area here in the U.S.A can sometimes be acres and the house is only 2000 square feet located in one little section of the entire land property. For example, 2007 the 3 killing star is in the West. Does it mean that we cannot do any disturbing of the west wall of the "house structure" itself and also no digging in the west area for landscaping purposes "outside" in the west sector of the land we own? 2) If the land doesn't get impacted by the 3 killing when disturbed, what about if the entire house structure is build on the west sector of the entire land property? 3) If Land does get impacted, then doesn't it also imply that the entire "west sector" of an entire state, province or even country would theoretically be impacted by the digging action? In this case, no one is really safe because we have no control over the actions of others and someone somewhere in the west will be doing at least some spring planting? Wouldn't many peoples' lives be paralysed if they can't do anything if they happened to reside in the "west sector"? 4) Well, the reason I am asking is because we need to do some major digging in the west and Northwest sector of our land property on which our barn is build and our house is in the southwest sector. Our home business is based in the barn. In order to move forward with our business progress, we need to dig and put in a parking area and driveway this year(2007). What is your suggestion? We really need to not "do the wrong" action because we depend on our business for all our income. I hope I did not confuse you with all my questions. I hope you can help me as most professionals I have consulted have conflicting or illogical advices. You are my last hope before the "BIG DIG". PLEASE HELP!!!!SOS!!! Thanks for all your contribution to Feng Shui. YOU are by far the best professional I know! Thank you. Kind Regards, CCass
4 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi, I have similar problem as most who are born between the year end and the begining of the year. I was born in 6th of Fbruary 1967. So what would be my Gua number. And what is my Bazi. I have a fung shui master who told me that I should use th Horse year for my Gua number but my Goat year for my Astrological prediction. One even told me a lot of confusing contridiction that depends on which type of Fung Shui that one practice. Please clarify as this has been bugging me for the past many years. Thanks
20 Jun 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi Joey, so happy able to ask u question to clarify my doubts. Hi Please help understand that from some website stated that 8th floor and above will use balcony as facing instead of building. my balcony and masterbedroom has good significant pool view which is why we bought the unit in the first place but only 7th floor. We intend to chill out at the balcony to relax most of the time and it has certain amount of morning sun. Question 1 Can we use our balcony as facing our balcony is SE2 137,opposite is our main door NW2 315 Question 2 If we use balcony as facing to receive the "Qi", then is the main door of any impt since most of the time will be closed? Question 3 Some websites stated that unit below 8th floor,shd take whole building as facing. We are confused as other websites stated use main door as facing for below 8th floor. Our building facing is SW2 227 and sitting NE2 47,main door NW2 315. Based on above mention scenario, what would u think our unit facing and sitting should be? Many many tks Mr ong
14 Jul 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, I have bought most of your books and also attended a few of your yearly seminars. Hope you can clear my confusion about the good location in house gua which we are supposed to tap and flying star feng shui. For example, if north east is a good sector based on house gua ( period and house facing direction) but this year 2007 according to the flying star theory; north east is a bad sector. Then, don't these two types of feng shui contradict each other? Thank you very much for your kind explanation. Best regards, JO
26 Jul 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Joey, After buying and read some of your books like Feng Shui Homebuyers - External & Internal, Discovery Face Reading etc. I find that I become more and more interested and believed in Feng Shui. Thank you for sharing your knowledges with everybody. I have question on my house and hope I'll received some advice from you. I bought a South facing terrace house (Corner) and wanted to move the main door to South-West location facing West. I also plan to extend a wet-kitchen at the north direction of my house. I'd read that this year is not a good year for renovation but we can still carry out renovation by avoid starting at the 2-Black & 5-Yellow places (Centre and North East), isn't that correct? I am thinking of renovating it either in August or September 2007, therefore appreciate if you could advice which date is best for me to start renovating my house? For yr info., I am having KUA no 2 and my hubby is KUA No 9. Is having a water fountain at the front garden (left side of main door and gate (from inside looking out) ok for my house? I'd read just now from yr website that you have launched a book on 'The Art of Date Selection', I'll definitely get it from local bookstore and I'm sure that it'll benefit and broaden my knowledge on date selection in future on whatever I do. Thank you in advance for answering some of my questions and hope to receive yr response soonest. Regards, Irene
1 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Hi, JY, Lately i started to read your books, i found that your books were more explanation, details and more common sense. May i ask few questions here? First, Our house is facing East and sitting in West, What is our house gua? Second, My husband persoanl gua is 3 (East group), my personal gua iis 8 (female, west group) and my daughter personal gua is 2 (West group)? Is this house suitable for us? My daughter is sleep in the SE sector, and my husband and myself are sleep in the North sector. Is this suit us? Third, Can we sleep facing the shower room? the shower room with WC. Thank you very much.
5 Aug 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Dear Master Joey, In these recent months, I had watched almost the whole series of the DVD on Fengshui for Home-buyer, XuanKong, Flying Star...etc. I have a few questions that bothers me. Correct me if I am wrong, In screening a house, Priority will be the exterior and interior form, then the gua of the house, then the Flying star of the period, then comes finetuning each individuals to their best direction in terms of room and study room..RIGHT??? What if the form is right, the Flying Star is A Grd, but the gua of the house is not suitable. Meaning, main door and 2 rooms at bad sector, toilet and kitchen at good sectors. What a mess!!! I remember your advise is that as long as it's 2 out of 3 is good than there will not be too much of an impact...but I just want some confirmation. Thank you very much in advance...Your practicality has enlighten me a lot.
22 Jun 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
First of all, I would like to thank Mr Joey Yap for writing a good book entitled "Personal Date Selection" which information is handy and practical to use. I hope that Mr Joey Yap will be writing more books on Bazi and Date Selection in future. I am eagerly waiting for your next release "Feng Shui date selection". Your presentation in all your books are clear, informative, practical even to the layman. well done, Mr Joey Yap!
27 Mar 2007 at 12:00:00 AM
Can you enlighten us more "collect mountain out sha" in Xuan Kong?


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