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A BaZi Consultation is generally between thirty to forty-five (30-45) minutes in duration. During the consultation, the consultant will first highlight to you the general aspects which the consultant deems important to know in your life and that you should be made aware of. Note that the consultant has already pre-analyzed your BaZi chart prior to the consultation in order to save valuable reading time, which is otherwise meant for the client and be fully prepared for your BaZi reading.


Your consultant will not cover the 'technicalities' of a chart during your reading. This means, for instance, we will not say and explain the technicalities of terms like you have a 'Death and Emptiness' Star in your Month Pillar, or a 'Hurting Officer' Star in the Hour Stem, etc. We will, instead, directly read your chart without addressing each technical term in your chart. If you would prefer a technical explanation instead, please book a BaZi Life Coaching .


Then, the consultant will delve into your questions, looking for specific, real-world solutions to areas such as Personal Finance, Investments, Business, Career, Health, Relationships, etc. Your questions should generally focus on your BaZi chart. For example, your consultant can look into the quality of your relationship with your spouse but it would be beyond the scope of the consultation to focus your spouse's life (as this involves reading another chart), unless this was something specially arranged earlier.

The consultant will do his/her best to provide answers based on your BaZi chart analysis, and will also offer advice and suitable solutions to help you overcome issues accordingly.

Keep an open mind and discuss the various options you have; consider seriously the solutions presented and also any other alternatives that would help you achieve your goals.


Please note that our consultants are professional Destiny Analysts. They are NOT fortune-tellers, psychics or mediums. This means we cannot read your mind, talk to spirits, nor channel the deceased. They also cannot look into your past lives or find lost objects. Our role is to analyze your BaZi chart, understand your behavior, strengths and weakness, uncover your gifts and talents and understand your Luck Cycle. We offer advice on how you can design your life and make positive changes for the better based on your BaZi Astrology chart.

We cannot change your Destiny. Only you can. It is wholly up to you to take the initiative to make a change for the better. The advice and solutions offered to you by the consultant will still require you to exercise your absolute discretion and interpretation.

Your BaZi reading can only reveal your prospect and inclination to success and happiness. It does not guarantee a positive outcome in the future if no action on your part was taken today. You are fully responsible for the interpretation of the advice given to you and to put in the effort in making the necessary changes should you wish to reach your potential and goals.

Please be reminded that the consultation should NOT be considered as a substitute for professional financial, medical or legal advice. In cases where you may have health concerns or legal issues, you will still need to consult a medical doctor or lawyer to assist you. Neither the consultant nor Joey Yap Consulting Group is to be held liable for any negative outcome as a result of the BaZi Consultation.

Privacy Statement

Joey Yap Consulting Group is committed to protecting your privacy. All personal information entrusted to us will be held at the utmost level of confidence.

  • Prepare your list of questions.
  • What did you really want to know about your Destiny?
  • Be specific. Be clear.
  • Imagine if you have the chance to get answers to the problems/challenges you are facing, what questions would you ask?

The more prepared you are, the better value your reading would be. Remember, a BaZi Reading is not an 'Astrological Performance'. This means, your consultant is not to dazzle you with astrology predictions. Your consultant is there to help you solve your problem, awaken your talents or offer you insights into your life. We can't read your mind. Your entire reading would be focused on what the consultant think is important about your chart rather than what you wanted to know if you do not prepare your questions up front. Remember, your consultants are human beings just like you. This means like every ordinary human being, we have different points of view or definitions of what is important or unimportant in life. If you want your consultant to focus on important key areas during your reading, then you should prepare your list of ques

What to ask during a BaZi Consultation?

Asking the right questions is helpful in getting the right answers and solutions you need. Open-ended or vague questions usually result in simple and equally vague answers like a "Yes" or "No". Being specific with your situation is a good approach. It is also highly recommended that you be straightforward with your questions. Your BaZi consultation is confidential and your BaZi consultant can only help you if they are fully aware of your situation.

Here are some tips:

Get to the point and be concise

Reflect on what pressing issue you are facing at present and deliberate on the desired outcome you wish to achieve. Remember to keep your questions on matters that are current and concern you the most. Don't beat around the bush. Otherwise, you will be wasting your valuable consultation time. Get to the point. Let your consultant focus on helping you find a solution rather than trying to 'read' and discover your real situation from your BaZi Chart. Sure, your consultant will be able to pick this up from your birth chart. But this will take time. And it will eat into your valuable consultation time. It is to your benefit to be cooperative.

Prepare your questions ahead of time

A week before your appointment, spend some time to think about your issues, your goals and what you would like to know from your BaZi consultation. Your BaZi chart contains all the answers but we can only help you if you are clear on the questions you want answered. Your consultant cannot read your mind. As such, without these questions to guide him or her, your consultant will only focus on what he or she feels is important - which may not necessarily be important to you. Hence, it is better that you come prepared and be clear in what you want to know.

Prepare your questions ahead of time

It's really a matter of how you ask a question. For example:


On relationship issues

  • I feel detached from my wife. What should I do to connect better?
  • No one appreciates me despite my sacrifices for the family. What should I do to improve?
  • How can I move on after a divorce/separation?
  • How can I have a better relationship with my spouse?
  • I want to marry one day but I keep meeting the wrong person. How can I find The One?

On career issues

  • Which industry will help me thrive better and how can I get into it?
  • I'm trying to start a business but I can't seem to get it going. What must I do to fix this? What are the obstructions?
  • I studied medicine, but I want to be in the film industry. What can I do to make the switch?
  • I feel dissatisfied with my job and I don't know what else to do. How should I approach this?

On relationship issues

  • Does my wife hate me?
  • Should I seek a divorce or is she going to call for a divorce first?
  • Everybody hates me. Why?
  • Am I depressed?
  • Am I forever doomed in relationships?
  • Who is The One?

On career issues

  • Which industry will help me thrive better and how can I get into it?
  • Is this my lucky industry?
  • Why am I always unlucky?
  • When will I be rich?
  • When will I strike lottery so I don't need to work anymore?
  • What is my lucky "money" color?
  • What is my lucky career stone?
  • Why didn't I get my promotion?
Avoid irrelevant question

Refrain from asking technical or educational related or inappropriate questions like, "What is my Useful God?","Which is my Spouse Star on my chart?", "What does Hurting Officer Hanging on Two Corners mean?", "Can you explain what are the significance of these elemental strengths in my Luck Pillar?" or "What does the clash in the Spouse Palace that effects the Direct Resource Star mean?" during your personal consultation. Save these questions for our workshops or seminars, where you will have the opportunity to aptly direct them to the instructor/speaker.

Better yet, if you wish to learn more on these technical aspects, we encourage you to consider the courses available at Mastery Academy, where you will be guided accordingly by our trained instructors to master BaZi.


Your privacy is important to us. We do not discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that comes to our attention in the course of our work will be dealt and protected with confidentially.

Unless such information is already available in the public domain, our practice is not to reveal the names of our clients who use our services. In the event that we wish to use your names for reference purposes, we would seek your permission.

High Profile Clients

Our high profile clientele includes international and local corporate leaders, prominent businessmen, politicians, well-known professionals, celebrities, entertainers and others. We are fully aware of our responsibility and the professionalism required in dealing with the extra sensitivity involved in protecting the identity and confidentiality of our clients.

It is not unusual for some of our high profile clients to expect that our services be conducted in a discreet manner and we would like to assure you that we respect the confidentiality of our work and the privacy of all our clients.

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If you are unsure of which consultation best suits your needs, or if you are unsure altogether if a consultation would help you, please drop us a note below. We'll get our Relationship Consultants to give you a no-obligation call or email.

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