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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
The Brand Laureate

DATO’ JOEY YAP is a brand name to be reckoned with in the World of Fengshui. As founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics and Chief Consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group, he is the world’s foremost authority in Chinese Metaphysics and a prolific author of 162 books and counting.

Despite his youthful appearance, Yap is a veteran in the industry for more than 20 years, has more than 120 employees, and one million followers and students from 30 countries around the world. Today, he runs several companies and speaks at international conferences in cities like New York, London, San Francisco, Manila, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

His recent Feng Shui & Astrology “Live” Seminar 2017, held over the weekend (Jan 7-8) at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), was a sold-out success with 8000 people in attendance — for both the English and Chinese crowd. It was the biggest event in the Chinese Metaphysics calendar in the country. This FSA 2017 program is usually held at the beginning of the year, just before the Chinese New Year and catered to the masses who wants to learn how to attract “good luck” and ward off “bad luck” before the Chinese New Year begins.

Eager participants, both curious and enthusiasts packed the venue as early as 8.30am to witness the launch of his latest book “The Art of Lion Dance” from his Cultural Series.
Property developer Gamuda Berhad and Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) also set up individual booths at the event to engage participants before and during the seminar with a separate VIP Viewing Lounge sponsored by Maybank due to popular demand.


A brand authority on the ancient art of Fengshui which has been passed down through generations, Yap spoke eloquently and powerfully on the subject which has intrigued him since childhood – the science and principles of the universe and how it affects our daily lives, leaving audiences spellbound.

A superstar on stage, Yap was a confident, charismatic, and convincing as he unravelled the secret of Chinese metaphysics. Listening to him speak at the weekend conference, and you will be impressed by his knowledge and mastery of his craft. Despite his Asian heritage, he spoke in fluent English with clarity and confidence which was delightful to hear in the crowded room.

On the secret of his powerful delivery, Yap said: “Once upon a time, a good friend told me to speak from the heart, and connect from the heart. You can speak to anybody, it doesn’t matter the size of the crowd or who is in the crowd. So that is the only principle I know, and if you do that, you don’t need notes, because you are telling your own story.”


During his presentation, Yap used technology as his teaching aid. For example, on the giant backdrop, a virtual red compass was positioned over the blueprint of a prestigious Gamuda housing project to illustrate some of the good and bad sectors, and how to stimulate the Qi in various sectors for wealth and relationships.

Closer at hand, he made Feng Shui accessible to the masses through a collection of easy-to-use online tools to assist in the study and practice of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. Participants can print out their Bazi chart just by entering their date and time of birth into a software, to get a full report of their influential stars, and how to take advantage of their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

Yap demonstrates that the Bazi chart is comprehensive and yet practical in helping people run their day-to-day life and business, something which he continues to teach, as his life’s work and mission is to empower lives.
“I am not a fortune teller. I just make a forecast based on the charts and what makes a logical choice,” said Yap.


During the seminar, Yap also identified several key components of The Year of the Fire Rooster and related them to the global economic outlook of 2017, pointing out the possible growth industries, besides presenting all 12 animal signs and their projections, followed by a book-signing ceremony at the end of the day

The next day, I was privileged to conduct a one-to-one interview with him at Joey Yap’s academy at The Boulevard, Mid Valley City. He was friendly and approachable as we sat down to discuss what Year of the Rooster 2017 has to offer.

“From my event, you can see that the global optimism is a bit low, and pessimism is a bit high. Generally this is what people see about the Year of the Rooster,” said Yap.


Each animal sign has its own unique characteristics, so what are the strengths of the Rooster? “Every 12-years is a Rooster year, but this year’s highlights include medical breakthroughs which will benefit many people by solving their health problems. There will also be technological breakthroughs, because the Yin Fire element usually represents technology.

“On the negative side however, the fire burning metal element is still present (which may persist to 2018). As fire counters metal, tension may arise, and this is what we call the Fire Rooster revolution, which means there will changes, and some people will be temperamental and irrational, which is one of the contributing factors to global terrorism.

“There also seems to be tension between policies and countries from East and West, with the rise of President Donald Trump and the abrupt changes he brings to the U.S. economy, which obviously has a global impact on everybody.

“Romantics will love this year as the Rooster is also a Peach Blossom star, and there will be a lot of relationship related news. Entertainment wise, there will be new celebrities taking centre-stage. Relationship revolution means change, so many people will get married, and a lot of people will get divorced as well, as both are part of the relationship star,” said Yap.


Although the layman may have some misconceptions, Yap said there is absolutely no correlation between his forecast and the actual animals, as commonly perceived.

“No you don’t get good luck by eating more chickens, and you don’t get bad luck by killing chickens,” as some have shared the joke – Last Year do Monkey Business, and This Year Talk Cock. “

“The Rooster is nothing more than a planetary position of our earth in relation to the Sun, and it is just a reference in the calendar. In ancient days, people are uneducated and they don’t know how to use astronomical positioning to represent time, so the philosophers and scholars decided to name the years under everyday animals to make it easier to know which year they are in, that’s why it is called the Year of the Rooster,” he explained.

But Yap is quick to add that the Rooster year itself doesn’t signify good or bad, it really depends on how people perceive the year’s events, and luck is just part of the equation.


“To demystify Feng Shui, we want to reiterate that not everything is written in the heavens. People need to exercise some common sense in problem solving, and not blame everything on their luck. Some obvious problems need practical solutions, based on one’s daily activities, choices and habits.

So how do we prepare ourselves for 2017? Yap said those who have been to his events will know there are five factors that influence a person’s success equation.

  1. LUCK – Luck is only just one component. There are four other factors we must take into account to change our fate and destiny. “So when people ask, is the year of the Rooster good for you? For some people the answer is “Yes,” but for others it may be negative, but that’s not the end of the world. Some people will do very well because they manage the other four factors well”.
  2. CHOICE – After finding your lucky star, the second factor is Choice. “Knowing the 12 animal signs, and knowing Fengshui is about making better choices, because Astrology gives you optics to make better choices.”
  3. STRATEGY–The third factor is Strategy, which comprises a series of tactics (long term and short term). “For example, investment is a strategy. Look at the top investors, they obviously know what they are doing. These are not clueless people who wake up one morning bought the right shares and become rich. It’s a learnable skill.”
  4. SKILLS – The fourth point is a matter of Skills. “In the Year of the Rooster, one may learn a new skill, develop a new talent, or improve your existing skills. This is one of the ways to make things better regardless of luck, but many people don’t do this.”
  5. ENVIRONMENT – The fifth element is the Environment. “For example, we know that these are challenging times in Malaysia, so what’s stopping you from working with overseas partners? What’s stopping you from doing business with other countries? It is a matter of innovation and the ability to make better choices.”

Yap said most people only focus on whether they will have good luck for the year, but miss out on the other four success factors, which are equally as important.
“So that’s where we come in, by working with individuals on the other four factors based on their destiny chart to find out how to apply those elements and manage their success strategy.”


In light of that, Yap introduces Thrive 2017, his newest flagship program designed to help participants achieve successful breakthroughs for the New Year. During the three-day `live’ event to be held in a hotel in Petaling Jaya from February 24-26, Yap will study their Destiny Chart and other success factors, to help them make 2017 their best year yet.

“This is the first time I am teaching such a program, due to requests from my fans because they say the Fengshui and Astrology conference is only a one-day event, but how do I implement these success principles and strategies on a daily basis, to enjoy good success”?

In the program, Yap takes participants through the next 12 months according to their Destiny Chart, to prepare them for the rest of the year, as well as the coming year.
Participants will discover and learn the techniques of Chinese metaphysics such as Feng Shui, BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia to catch on to the next wave.

“All these are just tools. People tend to be mesmerized by tools, but its main purpose is to derive the answers. Possessing the tools doesn’t mean problems solved, you still need to make an intellectual guess, just like how a financial analyst must look at the financial data before making a call,” said Yap.


Yap said the New Year is also a time for goal setting. Everybody sets goals and then break their New Year’s resolution. It should be something more sustainable and achievable.

“My advice is to systemize yourself. People always say have goals but nobody achieves them, because they don’t have a systematic way of achieving their goals. Most high achievers have good systems.

“Look at a person’s chart and prepare it in a way to generate consistent returns. You don’t have to be greedy in any way, as long as you are prudent and consistent you will achieve good results,

Practising what he preach, Yap said he applies the principles of metaphysics to set up his office with good Fengshui, apply proper business management techniques and spend time to build a good team.

“That’s how we make things happen,” he added.


Besides Fengshui, people are also attracted to the Joey Yap brand, which seems to be growing bigger and stronger every year.

Yap has gone the distance not just as a professional Fengshui consultant and respected teacher, but also an international brand name that his audience have come to trust and respect.

“Big things in life do not happen just through one event. Joey Yap Academy is where it is today because we have so many talented people working for us, and it is the result of many things that happened over time,

“I am a Feng Shui consultant and a Life Transformation coach to help change lives through Fengshui, which is my main objective since the very beginning,

“I didn’t set my business so that I can brand myself. I believe that your brand is an extension of who you are. As long as you are consistent with what you do, eventually it becomes your brand,

“Anything that you repeatedly do in life will become your brand. I believe that is how any brand is build–good or bad,” said Yap. CREATING LIFE-LONG FANS
In bad times, people don’t have time to care for the brand but they will make time for people who care for them.

“Relationship is built through time and you want to give more. So if you give enough value to others, they will stick with you through good and bad times.

“By adding value to others, they will become your loyal fans for life, and follow you wherever you go and whatever you do, which is the ultimate branding, to me,

“In Joey Yap’s Academy, everybody’s mission is to reach out and touch lives, and helping others to become better. If you share this same vision and give enough value to your clients, they will become your fans. And that’s a simple success formula,” said Yap.

For more information about Joey Yap’s upcoming programmes visit Tel: +603-22848080, or e-mail:

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