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What’s in store for you in the Year of the Fire Monkey

Friday, January 8, 2016
The Edge Property
By: Dato' Joey Yap

The Wood Goat skips away and over the mountain top as the Fire Monkey swings in to take its place. Every new year represents a set of challenges and opportunities for each and every individual. By having an insight into what these are, we make the most of the coming 12 months. The Monkey is the mnemonic symbol associated with ambition, intelligence, adventure, activity and mischief. Expect a particularly challenging year ahead! That said, 2016 will pan out differently for each person depending on his or her birth chart. Bear in mind that you have four animal signs in your birth chart (one each for the hour, day, month and year you were born) but for now, just read for your year of birth.


The coming year might be one of trials and tribulations for you, and achieving your goals will be no walk in the park. Obstacles and political manoeuvring at home and at work may leave you disillusioned and fed-up. The resulting emotional distress may leave you vulnerable to health complications, so rest when you can and gather your thoughts. Any delays in your projects can be overcome through proper scheduling and being flexible in solving problems. You may also have to be more attentive to the well-being of family members, especially the elderly. Regular medical check-ups may be necessary to stay on top of the situation. Still, there will be silver linings for your personal growth in the worst of situations.


Expect to come across multiple opportunities to boost your career and financial standing but do not neglect your health in pursuing your goals. You can also expect good outcomes from business ventures and will not lack for helpful people. Yet, your emotional state could be somewhat be lonely because you might face difficulties in communication, so be mindful in presenting yourself to your social circle. You might experience accidents, burglaries and financial losses; take care of your safety and well-being.


The new year will be a relatively bumpy emotional ride. Feelings of unease and anxiety may become familiar in the coming months. Keep your wits about you at all times to avoid financial risks which could be more than you can bear. Scrutinise in detail all contracts. It will not be a particularly favourable year for you when it comes to all things related to money, so neither a borrower nor lender be. If this cannot be avoided, then be extra cautious. Be mindful of the health and safety of family members.


If success is what you seek, then be vigilant when it comes to your health and emotions — both are key to your goals. A healthy mind will give you the push you need to be more productive not only in your professional endeavours but also in your personal matters. You will find no shortage of helpful individuals and their assistance will be much appreciated if your undertakings are to be executed smoothly. Be mindful of how you speak and deal with others, because you could spark disputes by conveying a wrong impression. Risks of legal issues and road accidents are possible so be extra cautious in these areas.


Any obstacles you encounter in the coming year should not be cause for worry; there will be plenty of noble people to assist you this year. However, there is a high possibility of injuries and conflicts, so be especially mindful of these in all your activities and endeavours. Plan ahead and set realistic targets to accomplish your goals. It will be important to not ignore your loved ones and set aside ample quality time to maintain your bond with family. The year will present challenging moments that take you beyond your comfort zone. Be shrewd in your finances as there is risk of loss and depletion.


You will encounter an abundance of helpful and sincere individuals in your times of need. Though things may not be altogether smooth for you, take heart because your issues will be well worked out in the end. This favourable luck will be felt not just in your career, but in your life aspirations. However, you need to place greater emphasis on knowing how to strike a good work-life balance to avoid being overly stressed out. Be wary of gossipers and rumour mongers who are likely to affect your reputation, which could lead to more emotional turmoil if you are not careful.


It might be a year filled with excellent opportunities for you — if you play your cards well. It pays to be careful at all times to avoid issues which could lead to legal complications and emotional distress. As long as you remain vigilant and watch your actions and words, you should be able to circumvent potential trouble or damage. You might meet plenty of helpful people this year and there will also be good fortune in wealth, career and networking.


The Fire Monkey Year holds much potential for you and may prove enriching in experiences that broaden your horizons. The presence of favourable stars means many of your endeavours should end positively. However, do not let your guard down: unexpected problems with your finances and physical well-being could derail your plans. Refrain from impulsive spending, especially on luxury items beyond your means. If you’re planning to travel, especially over long distances, make sure your vehicle is in good condition before setting off on your journey.


A fruitful year for you, especially in academic pursuits and with help from noble (or helpful) people who will bring you fresh insights to your endeavours. Be alert to opportunities around you and seize your chances. Timing is key. Pay attention to your physical well-being because you are prone to accidents and injuries this year, especially if you regularly travel long distances. Overall, a promising year if you capitalise on your opportunities.


Things are looking great for you this coming year due the presence of positive stars that will likely bring plenty of noble people and see a lot of your goals come to fruition. Even matters pertaining to relationships are favourable for you and likely to see good outcomes. You can expect 2016 to be filled with many happy occasions. However, you may be required to make some critical decisions related to your career; many friends and mentors will aid you in this. Keep an eye on the health of elderly family members in your house, as serious illnesses are likely. The inauspicious stars are in your books this year relate to the threats of petty people and potential financial losses due to your lack of control over money matters.


There is potential for miscommunication throughout the year, but 2016 promises to allow you to advance your career and professional pursuits by employing your intellect. Your intelligence and experience will be key to handling career challenges. You will be able to discover your self-confidence on a more profound level this year, which will propel you further towards your goals. Nevertheless, be extra careful to keep financial losses at bay. Injuries and accidents are likely to threaten your overall well-being, so try to stay out of harm’s way.


Applause for a great new year! It brings good relationship prospects that could expand your social network. This is especially true of your romantic pursuits: singles can find rich pickings, while doubles can deepen their commitment to coupledom. In any troubles ahead, there will be people willing to share the load and overcome them with you. You may feel agitation and emotional anguish as things get obstructed, but a forward-looking frame of mind will enable you to regain the control you desire. Take care of your health and you will be able to rejuvenate your mind to become productive again. Focus on your goals and never be affected by any emotional burden.

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