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The unwanted five

Sunday, September 9, 2007
By: Joey Yap

Most people buy homes as a roof over their heads, or as an investment. In Feng Shui, the approach will vary slightly depending on whether you are looking to buy the property as an investment or as a home. But some of the basic rules remain applicable, irrespective of whether you're an investor or home owner. In today's article, I'm going to share with you 5 features you DON'T want to see in a house, irrespective of whether you are buying to invest or to occupy. And these are features that anyone, irrespective of their Feng Shui background, can spot easily.

These 5 tips will focus on what features you should avoid having in a house. Now, I'm sure you're thinking: surely it can be fixed? Fixing is secondary because what is the point in spending money to better something that is bad, when you could spend the money improving something that is already good? With Feng Shui, we like to start from a positive position and improve it further, rather than a negative position and then spending money to get it to 'average'. So what are the not-so-fabulous Feng Shui Five you want to avoid? Check them out below - I've included photos to help you understand exactly what these negative five features look like in a property.

The Doorway to 'No Thanks'

The Main Door of a house is also known as the Qi Mouth of the property. It is through the Main Door that the Qi from the environment flows in. If the Main Door effectively 'sucks', then you don't even need to waste time looking at the rest of the house. It cannot be that good. In Feng Shui, we assess the main door using formula-based assessment (based on the direction of the Main Door) and Forms-based assessments. Forms is the easiest way to check out the Feng Shui affecting the Main Door, especially for laypersons.

So what are the signs of a bad Main Door? A lamp post, a tree or an electrical pole smack in the middle of the Main Door? Forget it. Tilted Main Doors are a definite no-no as these not only cause Sha Qi problems but also can result in the Main Door facing a pillar. Avoid houses with beams running across the Main Door (both inside and outside). If you do venture in and discover the Main Door is located below the toilet of the Master Bedroom or any bedroom, this is again not conducive to Qi flow and should be avoided.

Kitchen Confidential

Health aspects of a house are usually dictated or largely influenced by the Kitchen, specifically the positioning or location of the stove. This is because the kitchen is where we cook food, and food directly impacts on the health of the residents of a property. If the Qi in the kitchen is bad, the quality of health of the residents deteriorates. You want to avoid a kitchen that is located in the center of the house, as this disrupts the TaiJi (heart) of the house. You also want to avoid a house with a kitchen where the only place to locate the stove is in the center (sometimes called an Island Stove).

If it looks like a drain...

Open drains directly in front of the house are known as Feet Cutting Sha - these cause Sha Qi and can actually bring about detrimental effects to the occupants of a property, especially when it comes to money matters.

Don't buy into the real estate agent or owner telling you the drain is a Water Dragon and will create tremendous wealth. For a Water Dragon to be a real Water Dragon, it must be natural, meaning, exists in the environment in a natural water formation. So when you see a drain that runs right around the house, remember that old saying: if it looks like a drain, and it functions like a drain - it's a DRAIN.

Beware the Menacing Road

Most house owners look at roads near the property to see if it will be noisy or perhaps encourage midnight racing. When it comes to Feng Shui, what you have to look out for is the curves in the road. You don't want to select a property where the road curves into the house, like a blade. You also don't want alleys, narrow or wide, opposite the property if possible. A very narrow alley can cause either a Pulling Nose Qi problem or a Sky Crack Sha problem (depending on the type of alley) and this is usually very, very hard to fix. So, the best thing to do is avoid it all together.

Bedroom Boo-Boos

Generally, irregular shaped bedrooms should be avoided in any house as it means the Qi in the room is not stable. This usually results in disrupted sleep. The best kind of bedroom is a square shaped bedroom. You also do not want sloping ceilings or low ceilings as this suppresses the Qi, resulting again in disrupted or poor quality sleep.

These are of course just a few key negative Feng Shui features that you should be on the look out for when it comes to a property.

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