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The Year of Paris and iPhone?

Sunday, July 1, 2007
By: Joey Yap

I'm in Australia right now, for a series of events and courses and I can't help but notice how much media attention is being given to a) the Apple iPhone and b) Paris Hilton coming out from jail! The coincidences of course have not escaped me - Paris Hilton and Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) are both Bing Fire Day Masters. I was prompted to write this article because one of my students asked me during a class this week: can the BaZi tell us if Paris is really just a 'dumb blonde'? After all, few people would risk jail and drive their car knowing their license is suspended, especially if that someone is an heiress to a multi-million dollar hotel business. So, let's take a look into the BaZi of Paris Hilton and see what it tells us.

The Sun shines in Paris

Paris Hilton's BaZi tells us that she is a Bing Fire Day Master. Bing Fire is the fire of the sun and so it is not surprising that she is such a prominent socialite and celebrity. The sunlight after all, gives off brilliance, warm and makes us feel happy and optimistic. This particular Bing Fire is born in the Growth Star (Chang Sheng) month and also sits on a Growth star (Chang Sheng) - do you see the double Tigers in the chart?

In the study of the 12 Growths, the Growth Star represents a child at the moment of birth. It is cute, adorable and innocent - the center of attention and the one everyone coos at and who everyone wants to carry and cuddle with. And when was the last time you saw someone lose their cool or temper with a baby? Babies can do no wrong. And so Paris, can do no wrong.

Despite her well-publicised sex tape scandal, and her apparent rift with her co-star of the Simple Life, Nicole Ritchie, and despite the fact that she broke the law, hordes of adoring fans continue to love her! A fan even wrote on her Facebook website that she was an inspiration to many people and so should not be sent to jail. Newspapers reported that when Paris was told she had to spend 23 days in jail after being released to serve her sentence at home, the press reported she 'burst into tears' and wailed like a baby. She certainly wasn't putting on a diva act there - she was just being, herself!

Now, we can see from her chart that she comes from a wealthy family and she's spending family money. Notice how the Wealth Star (Xin Metal) is rooted in the Year Pillar of the BaZi? This means it is family money. Now, this is a Xin Metal Wealth Star, so that tells us that the wealth is not just obvious, it's on display for everyone to see. And she's not shy about displaying her family wealth either - this Xin Metal appears in the Heavenly Stems, indicating it is exposed. Literally, her wealth is on display for all to see.


An Independent Woman?

Now, the million-dollar question whenever anyone thinks about Paris Hilton is the 'dumb blonde thing'. What does the chart say? The chart does not show water except in the Hour in the form of Gui Water and it is a negative star. The Tiger in her chart repels the Monkey (Monkey and Tiger is one of the Six Clashes in the study of BaZi), which is her Intelligence Star. Now this does not mean she's not a Mensa club member, but rather it means she gives the impression of not having too many brain cells.

There is some speculation Paris Hilton is in fact, a well-oiled business operation, a brilliantly conceived brand that has been marketed very well by Paris herself. This chart indicates that Paris certainly knows how to make money and she is financially shrewd as Bing Fire combines with Xin Metal. And with regards to how she makes money, she has no qualms about appealing to the lowest common denominator - launching a record, perfume, licensing clubs, and even going into the clothing business in quick succession.

How do we derive this? At the higher level of BaZi, we look at each Pillar in totality. Paris's Wealth Pillar is a pure pillar of wealth - Metal Rooster (Xin You). In advanced BaZi imagery, this is akin to the image of a box of rings. Many common objects put together that don't really stand out. Hence, commercial ventures like clubs, perfume and a CD, items that appeal to the masses.

But I am of the view that her behaviour has less to do with ignorance or lack of intelligence and more to do with the independent nature of Bing Fire Day Masters. Bing Fire Day Masters are typically highly independent types that do not like to be told what to do. They will often follow their own path, despite the advice of those around them who may know better or who are trying to protect them from themselves. And because this chart has always been and will always be indulged thanks to the double Tigers in her chart, she is used to doing what she likes. Often Bing Fire Day Masters do not consider the consequences of what they are doing - they just do it because that's their independent nature.

Jailhouse rocks with Paris

In 2007, the Pig combines with the two Tigers in her chart, and also produces a Destruction. The Tiger is a very important star in this chart, as it is what gives Paris her 'can do no wrong' card. If we analyse this using the 10 Gods method, the Tiger is the Direct Resource star and relates to a person's good name and their sense of comfort.

So what was the source of her problems? The Pig is the 7 Killings star for Bing Fire Day Masters. 7 Killings, amongst other things, is a devil-may-care star and the star of legal problems and legal wranglings. Paris drove her car despite knowing that her license had been suspended and it could be argued that this was a devil-may-care attitude on her part since given her celebrity position and wealth, she could easily have afforded a driver! Her 23 days of jail were essentially of her own doing - a form of destructive behaviour.

The Direct Resource star typically also makes people complacent and often dependant on the goodwill of the people around them to get things done. If a person has a Direct Resource structure like Paris Hilton's chart, these are people who often get away with getting people to do what they want by simply asking nicely or in Paris's case, probably batting an eyelid or two. As this Direct Resource star in the Tiger is affected this year by the Pig, Paris is not able to talk her way out of the problem or charm her way out of the situation. Her 'Get out of Jail card' has been taken away from her.

Will Paris rise again?

The sun, no matter how gloomy the day was, always rises all over again to shine and brighten the day. And we look to the sun, to signal the end of a dark period or gloomy morning, and to shine and bring brightness and brilliance to our world. So, people will still look to Paris for inspiration, for happiness and will continue to adore her. This will not be the end of Paris, and certainly will not be the last we will hear of her. She'll no doubt be back.

But, her current luck pillar, which is that of the Water Snake (Gui Si) indicates possible future problems with the law if she is not careful. This is because Bing Fire dislikes Gui Water as Gui Water, being the rain clouds and the mist, covers the brightness of the sun. Gui Water, is the Direct Officer star of Bing Fire and so indicates more problems caused by going against authority.

Certainly, she will not be able to eclipse her popularity in the previous luck pillar of Water Dragon (Ren Chen). The visual image of Ren Chen is that of a beautiful river. Bing Fire shining down on Ren Chen is like the sun shining over the beautiful gently flowing river. At the highest level of BaZi, appreciation of a BaZi comes from seeing the BaZi in pictoral form, like one appreciates a beautiful painting. When the scenery or picture painted by the BaZi is a beautiful one, then we can see that the person's life at that point, is smooth and fortuitous.

Of course, as I write this, the iPhone would have been released in the US and we will be seeing the media onslaught from Paris's appearance on the Larry King show, talking about her jail experience. It will be interesting to see which of these two Bing Fire Day Masters, will prevail at the end of this year!

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