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Yearning to become WEALTHY OVERNIGHT ?

Sunday, September 18, 2005
By: Joey Yap

Is there a special Feng Shui formula to make someone Wealthy overnight?

As absurd as it may seem, some people think this is how it is. Or this is what they have been sold on when engaging a Feng Shui practitioner or when they read books on Feng Shui.

After many, many years of research, of studying and interviewing numerous Feng Shui Masters, having taught students all over the world and traveled thousands of miles - I have yet to come across this 'miraculous', get-rich-quick Feng Shui formula. It simply does not exist.
So, where then did this idea originate from?

Just as some people assume Feng Shui is about the decor in their homes or offices, so too do people assume that their bank accounts will grow itself overnight if they start to decorate their house 'auspiciously'.

Here's a thought to ponder - have you seen a Feng Shui Master's name on the top 10 of the Fortune 500 list?

The fact of the matter is, there are some limitations to what you can do with Feng Shui. You are still governed by Heaven Luck (your personal, God given Destiny), which denotes the life you will have. Feng Shui is an art designed to help you make the most of your external environment to help you in your endeavours. Just like science and technology, it will make things easier to attain and get you closer to your goals in life but it cannot dramatically alter the course of your entire Destiny.

If you are wondering just what Heaven Luck is, let me explain it a bit. In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, a person's life is governed by three key factors - Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Imagine that you are on a voyage, Heaven Luck is the boat that you are given; you might have been lucky to have a cruise ship or may have ended up with a 'sampan' - either way, this is the boat you are given at birth. Man Luck is your efforts in guiding this ship - as the ship's captain. This encompasses all your efforts, determination and perseverance to succeed - you choose where to go, how to do it and when you want to do it. Then there is Earth Luck - which is the part that Feng Shui plays. Earth Luck is similar to the tides and the winds that carry your ship - they can make a smooth sailing voyage or they can go against you.

The problem is, people have been misled to believe that a 'secret' Feng Shui solution exists to all the problems in their life! They just need the right 'item' - like the medicine to a life ailment they can't fix on their own, maybe its financial or relationship problems, but they are often told there is a Feng Shui cure for everything that ails them.

Another question to ponder for you reading this - is there cure for every disease?

To a great extent, how effective Feng Shui is for you also depends on WHERE you are living, after all, what you are trying to do with Feng Shui is harness the Qi in your environment. If the Qi in your environment is the type that is supportive of your endeavours, then 'activating' the Qi inside your home becomes much easier.
But what if you do not have such Qi in the environment? Well, to be honest, there are then some limitations to how effective your Feng Shui results will be. This is because the Qi that is available from your immediate environment is simply limited. So, you will need to focus more on your Man Luck, change the way you approach issues and tackle problems, realign your goals in a more realistic manner. Feng Shui is a TOOL used to help you achieve your goals, but it is not an end-all to your life's worries.

There is no real way to apply Feng Shui to become an overnight millionaire. But if you have a huge and sound business idea coupled with the courage to see it through, Feng Shui can give you the unseen advantage to make it easier for you to achieve your dreams and become a success. Keep in mind though - you first NEED A GOAL to start off with! If you are hoping that money will simply fall out of the sky because you have applied Feng Shui to your home, you are in for a sore disappointment.
I know, I know. Some of you are definitely going to bring up the 'Water Dragon' technique of Feng Shui that some people claim can bring you millions. According to popular understanding, this 'method' requires that you create a special drainage system in your garden to replicate a 'Dragon' aimed at enhancing your 'Wealth Luck'.

This is a popular misconception. If you study the ancient book "Water Dragon Classics 水龍經" or "Di Li Wu Jue (Earthly Principles Five Verses 地理五訣)' you'd find that the book clearly indicates that Water (Yang Qi) must be matched by the appropriate Mountain or Land formation (Yin Qi). If you apply just the 'formula' of Water Dragon blindly (like trying to make a drain to simulate a dragon in your garden), it is simply a recipe for disaster.

Everything in Feng Shui is about balance. Creating a drain and calling a Dragon does not actually generate good 'Qi' in your actual environment. I have come across so many people who fall into great problems as a result of their greed; trying to implement a Water Dragon with no clear idea on what it really is or does. Water Dragon methods are not based on Water exits alone, the appropriate LAND must first be present in the environment for this to work. But then again, finding such a land is not usually an easy task.

Conclusion; the next time someone tells you about get-rich-quick Feng Shui method - you can have a good laugh and know that you know better.

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