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Feature Perfect

Friday, April 1, 2005
Malaysia Tatler
By: Ngim Siew Lee

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What is most easily seen is also the most telling. Ngim Siew Lee speaks to a ‘mian xiang' expert and learns more about what our features really reveal

The Chinese art of face reading –mian xiang – foretells a person's character and fortune through the physical appearance of the face. Although mian xiang bears similarities to the Western art of physiognomy, which mainly predicts one's character, its origins can be traced back to the Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) Period between 2697 BC and 2597 BC.

Principal and founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics Joey Yap relates, “There is a book called the Yellow Emperor Medicine Classics, written by the Yellow Emperor himself, that is read by all students of traditional Chinese medicine. In it, there are references to face reading as a diagnosis for potential illnesses.”

Subsequently, there was the famed Imperial Court Metaphysics Adviser Li Shen Feng who rightly forecast the first Emperor of the Tang Dynasty as well as the first Lady Emperor of China based on the dragon features and phoenix charisma of the former and the dragon features and phoenix neck of the latter. Later, mian xiang was formerly documented under the influence of Master Chen Xi Yi.

Lest it be thought that mian xiang is highly secular, Joey reassures that it is a subject that anyone can pick up. “You start by reading the ‘Five Officers' – eyes, nose, ears, mouth and eyebrow,” he explains. “There are general readings for each feature. Match that with each sector of the face, the ‘luck' sectors' can be easily related to a specific period in a person's life.”

Although Joey travels extensively around the world to teach Chinese Metaphysics, he regularly lectures here in Malaysia as well, especially to the business community, who now believes that the art is worthy of some consideration.

One such company is HSBC, which recently organized a talk on “The art of Face Reading – Career, Health and Wealth” for its Premier clients in Klang Valley. Ong Eng Mun, HSBC's area manager for Klang Valley, says, “No doubt, this topic is one that is close to many of our hearts.”

Datuk David Chua, managing director of DC&A Group also has a long-time interest in subject such as mian xiang and feng shui. He professes, “ I have been reading up on it out of personal interest. I believe that every individual has specific features that mean something. Mian xiang is an interesting practice to acquire for general knowledge. Sometimes it helps me achieve a better understanding of the people I meet.”

Fabian Wong , CEO of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, is familiar with Joey. He speaks well of this talented master, “ I know Joey has written some very helpful books. I hope to be able to judge people better. It will come in handy when I interview people for job.”

Easy as it may sound, there are others who approach this subject with caution. Founder of Diamond Realty, Jackson Low, believes there is some truth to face reading but he is not 100 percent convinced of its validity. He says, “It is good for making general references. But an in-depth study is required if anyone was to practise it for personal gain.” And Datuk David questions the applicability of mian xiang to other ethnic groups, “Caucasians tend to have larger noses and higher cheek bones, but it doesn't mean that they are all wealthy.”

Mian xiang is based on facial features and not skin colour. Joey explains, “True enough, some features are more distinct in certain ethnic groups, and that is why these ethnic groups share similar “general” behaviours. For instance, the general Jewish nose accounts for the basic business acumen displayed compared to other cultures. You would also see that most Chinese have rounded nose heads which explains the general ‘industrial habits' of our culture.” However, he cautions that not every Chinese or every Jewish person would have such a nose. Thus, their fortunes vary.

Before rushing to make an appointment at the plastic surgeon, one has to know that it is the bone structures that make up the facial features one looks out for in face reading. According to Joey, “The forehead, for example, is shaped by the form of the skull.” Therefore, simple cosmetic surgery can change only a small bit of a person's luck. “Unless, of course, you are talking about major plastic surgery but that cannot change your fortune entirely because it is governed by your destiny based on your date and time of birth.”

Ultimately, mian xiang is an interesting tool to pick up. While it may seem like an illogical concept, it has its grounding in the science of Chinese Metaphysics. To the uninitiated, Joey tells them to “try it and have fun using it”. In the following pages, Joey shares with us some interesting tips on face reading by highlighting some vary famous Tatler personalities.

The mouth, the lines around the mouth as well as the chin say a lot about a person. Dato'Kok Wee Kiat, chairman of the Environmental Quality Council Malaysia, has thick and strong laugh lines that can only belong to a person who wield power and influence. A considerable distance from the laugh lines to the edge of the mouth means that he probably has a lot of contact with people of high social standing. Laugh lines that extend below the mouth hint at longevity.

The chin represents the “Hired Help Palace”. Contrary to beauty standards, a double chin is a good sign as it means the person will get good support in old age. Datuk Dr Jannie Tay, managing director of the Hour Glass, has a broad and well-supported chin that signifies prosperity in old age while a strong chin like Dato' Michael Yam, CEO of Sunrise Berhad, means that the person is able to command help from many people when the need arises.

Jackie Teo, director of Mystic Features, has well-defined upper lip boarders that suggest she possesses the power to make great speeches. Her even lips also mean that she values the spiritual quality of her relationship as much as the physical aspect of it. “Be careful of women with a ‘pearl' in their upper lip,” Joey warns. “You will never win against them in any argument.”

Dato' Kok Wee Kiat's prominent laugh lines show a power of speech Jackie Teo posseses a mouth that speaks eloquently and convincingly Dato's Michael Yam's strong chin effectively rallies support when the need arises

The forehead represents “youth luck” of a person from 15 to 30 years old. “ Ideally, the forehead should be free from lines before the age of 30,” says Joey. “But if you are above 30 years old, don't bother attending any botox party; these are now good fortune lines.”

A broad and protruding forehead like shoe couturier Dato' Jimmy Choo's is a good sign. This person makes his wealth from people of high status and famous reputation.

A high and broad forehead that fits four fingers is ideal; it signifies good career luck. Traditionally, this is not an ideal feature for a woman because it means less family commitment. “But times have changed,” Joey is quick to add. The person generally has an analytical mind as well. One particularly good example of this is Leong Tuck Onn, corporate lawyer from Megat Najmuddin Leong & Co.

A lady with rounded and relatively high forehead like Datin Kok Poh Thiam, Dato' Wee Kiat's wife, will bring luck to her husband. Chances are that a lady with such features will make a good mother.

Dato' Jimmy Choo - his broad and protuding forehead shows an ability to strike riches abroad with a high-status clientele Leong Tuck Onn's forehead suggests a successful career Datin Kok Poh Thiam is like a good luck charm to Dato' Kok and a good mother to her children

The eyes are the window to one's character and luck. Men with phoenix eyes with a slight upward slant at the end tip of the eyes have the X-factor and are highly charismatic. Women who have large and moist eyes with prominent eyeballs are sentimental. Naturally, they also tend to attract lots of attention from the opposite sex. To spot a decisive power-maker, look for triangular eyes.

Gentle and slight downward-sloping eyes like those of Lai Voon Hon, president and CEO of Ireka Hotels, can only belong t a person places importance on family values.

A man with long and small eyes with and upward-tilt of lines at the end like director of Choong & Co, Dato' PY Choong, attract beauty. A fine example is his lovely wife Datin Irene.

And someone with small eyes can actually ‘see' more than one thinks. Dain Barbara Yap, Dato' Yap Teiong Choon's wife and also an amicable socialite, is a very observant lady who will succeed in business because of her innate nature to perceive minute details.

Dato's PY Choong's eyes are magnets for all things beautiful Datin Irene Choong - Dato's PY Choong's prized possession
Datin Barbara Yap places great attention to the little details Lai Voon Hon has gentle eyes that belong to a good father figure

While the nose bridge represents the “Health Palace” – a fleshy nose bridge with non-prominent bone is a sign of good health – the bulbous end of the nose is the “Wealth Palace”. A prominent and a well-formed nose is one with a high nose bridge, rounded nose head and defined nose wings,” Joey shares. A rounded and fleshly nose head shows an ability to store wealth.

CEO of FJ Benjamin, Angie Chong, has a nose that tells us that she is confident, possesses the ability to communicate and convince as well as the ability to accumulate wealth.

An adept businessman has a broad nose head with well-defined nose wings. Tony Fernandez, the brains and person behind Air Asia, has a nose that tells us he has the ability to generate wealth and to store wealth. Propery tycoons like Lai Voon Hon, Dato'Michael Yam and Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, managing director of YTL Corporation

Berhad, also have similar noses.

Ladies with tall and straight noses like that socialite Rose Chin's are confident. Joey adds on, “A big nose is insufficient. A good nose is also matched by a set of fleshy and high cheek bones.” Jackie Teo has such features that speak of a supportive and wealthy husband.

Tony Fernandez's nose sniffs out wealth Rose Chin's tall and straight nose shows confidence Angie Chong has an ideal nose befitting that of a successful business person

Ideally, eyebrows should grow in the same direction and with uniform thickness. Tay Liam Khoon, vice president of Sincere Fine Watches, has even brows. They are not too thick because the roots are still visible. This is a sign of a man who is courageous and always works for the best result.

One the other hand, founder of KENS Apothecary Ken Lim has thick eyebrows that hint at an altruistic nature as well as a lavish and indulgent personality.

Eyebrows that are spaced further apart tell of a generous nature and a greater prosperity to have fun. Group managing director of RAPR Mileage Communications, Nancy Yeoh, is one such person.

Prominent eyebrow bones belong to a people who are intuitive and firm in their range of personal opinions. Tunku Naquiyuddin, chairman of Antah Holdings Berhad as well as a fine prince of Negeri Sembilan, holds testament to this reading.

Ken Lim's indulgent nature is evident from his eyebrows Tunku Naquiyuddin's prominent brow bones make him an astute decision-maker
Nancy Yeoh is generous and fun-loving - it's all in the brows Tay Liam Khoon's show courage and intelligence


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