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Breaking the Dan Brown code

Sunday, June 11, 2006
By: Joey Yap

As many of you would have no doubt figured out, the person whose BaZi I will be decoding this week is the famous author of the Da Vinci Code, Mr Dan Brown. Mr Brown's Destiny Code looks like this:


Naturally, we are keen to understand where Mr Brown's talent comes from and you will find that his BaZi not only explains why such phenomenal and tremendous success has come to him in such a short time, but also why he has a keen interest in anagrams and codes and mysterious organisations like Opus Dei. It also tells us a little bit about why his previous attempts at songwriting and previous novels did not get anywhere until the Da Vinci Code.

Just a brief note for those readers who perhaps have little familiarity with BaZi or do not know the terminology. Some of the terms are names that are directly translated from their Chinese names and so to the untrained ear, will sound a little odd and perhaps create incorrect assumptions about what the term means, such as Seven Killings (sounds violent but take it with a bag of salt) and Eating God (no religious connotations implied or otherwise). If you are not familiar with BaZi, it is best to just assume these are special terms and attach no impression or meaning to them. Of course, I will explain what the terms mean, so that you can appreciate how BaZi professionals decode a Destiny Code.

The Code of a Writer

In the study of BaZi, all charts have a structure, just like in Feng Shui, a house's Qi map will also have a structure. Of course, there are common typical structures and there are unique structures. Mr Brown's chart is a structure known as “Shi Shen Pei Yin Ge” or Output matches Resource Structure.

In this chart, the Eating God star, represented by the Wood element is extremely strong, having roots in the Chen (Dragon) and Yin (Tiger) branches of the BaZi. Jia Wood is also considered ideal for authors, especially when it is also the Eating God star. What is the Eating God star? At a superficial level of BaZi, Eating God represents amongst other things, a person's output or what they create. Individuals with Eating God also tend to be people who are behind the scenes or work unseen, such as an author.

Now to be a successful author, you cannot just be able to write (otherwise, everyone out there who wrote would be a successful novelist). You have to have unique ideas, a special insight into the world, or great imagination and inspiration. In the study of BaZi, the Resource star relates to knowledge, inspiration, ideas and the star known as Indirect Resource (Pian Yin), relates to unconventional ideas, unique perspectives and unorthodox thinking. All the qualities needed for someone planning to write a novel full of codes, brain cracking puzzles, tricky anagrams and the mystery of the century!

Now, in truly unique and special BaZis, the elements all work together and play off each other. In Mr Brown's Destiny Code, there is a perfect use of the Eating God star (represented by Jia or Yang Wood) because it is made useful by the Indirect Resource star (represented by Geng or Yang Metal). So his writing is supported by good ideas. His Indirect Resource star in turn is of a good quality because of the Ding Fire or Yin Fire found in the Horse (Wu), located in the Month Branch of his BaZi. This Ding Fire or Yin Fire forges and makes useful the Geng or Yang Metal. Ding Fire or Yin Fire is the Direct Wealth star for Mr Brown's chart. Direct Wealth, amongst other things, represents putting one's nose to the grindstone, working hard and also is the Wife star for a man.

Of course, there are many authors out there - not all of them are worth an estimated 250 million. So does Mr Brown's chart reveal his wealth potential? Yes. In the BaZi classic Di Tian Sui, a verse states: "How do you know if a person is rich, because he's born in the Door of Wealth". Mr Brown's Wealth is represented by the element of Fire in his chart. The Month Branch of Mr Brown's BaZi, the Wu (Horse) is a strong Wealth star. Inside the Yin (Tiger) is also a Wealth star, an Indirect Wealth star, that is in Growth stage. Mr Brown's Indirect Wealth star is Bing Fire or the fire of the sunlight, indicating his Wealth potential from book royalties, like the fire of the sun, is infinite!

So, it can be said that in this BaZi, the individual has the potential and capacity to become a successful and wealthy author, and the wife star is useful, helpful and of great significance.

Unlocking the Code

Mr Brown met his wife in 1993 and got married to her in 1997. In a newspaper article by the Observer, he is quoted as saying she is his 'inspiration' and she has a big mention in his books and Cds (yes, before he wrote books, he wrote music, which is also an Eating God star activity). When he decided to become an author, his wife helped him get his first book deal, organised book signing of his first book, did his PR, got him onto talk shows and helped him do a great deal of research into the historical and art reference for the Da Vinci Code. He also has stated in numerous interviews that his routine consists of getting up at 4am and banging out the words in his loft. Talk about putting your nose to the grindstone.

His book is a best-seller although some reviewers complained about his awkward writing. The Guardian reviewer suggested his writing made 'a crisp packet read like a sonnet'. Again the explanation is in the BaZi. Mr Brown's Eating God star is represented by the element of Jia Wood. Jia Wood, in BaZi, is represented by tall trees. Trees grow only one way and are straightforward and to the point. Hence, Mr Brown's fuss-free get to the point writing. It doesn't have to be beautiful to the ears, as long as you get the point!

Perfect Timing

How did the Da Vinci Code defy the critics to become a 60 million copies in 44 languages publishers’ dream, with 227 million dollar movie to match, to which Mr Brown received 6 million dollars for the rights alone? And why did Mr Brown's two previous books not achieve the same success given that it is clear he has, in his Destiny Code, the potential to be a successful author? For that, we must look at the dynamic element of his BaZi, the luck pillars.

The Luck Pillars represent the dynamic aspect of a person's BaZi. They unlock the potential of the BaZi during certain periods, when the elements interact in a manner to create certain outcomes, but can also create obstacles. Mr Brown's Day Master is weak and his chart is hot, so the Useful God and Favourable element for his chart is Water, specifically Gui Water or Yin Water.

Mr Brown's previous Luck Pillar, during the years of 1988-1997, creates an unfavourable combination in his chart, between the You (Rooster) in his chart and the Chen (Dragon). This combination removes the Chen (Dragon), thus removing the roots of the Jia Wood. During this period of time, his Direct Resource is combined away, so there is no one to help him out in his endeavours. It also compromises the quality of his Eating God star, taking away opportunities for him.

All this changes in 1998, when Mr Brown enters the Xu (Dog) pillar of his Luck Pillars. It was in this year, his first mystery book, Digital Fortress was released but even then, it didn't sell too well at the time. A humour book and Angels and Demons followed. Neither sold more than 10,000 copies at the time, according to Wikipedia. Then came the Da Vinci Code in 2003 and within weeks it was on the New York Times Best-seller list. What happened?

The Xu (Dog) luck pillar represents a good pillar for Mr Brown because the Dog and Dragon clash, releasing Gui or Yin Water. This is an extremely favourable element to Mr Brown's chart because he is a weak Ren Water and needs the Rob Wealth star to strengthen him. But even within a favourable Luck Pillar, good luck does not come overnight, like instant noodles. In 2003, Gui Water appears in the Stem of the year, so Mr Brown's most needed and most useful element appears that year. It not only strengthens the Day Master, but nourishes the Jia Wood or Eating God star. Suddenly, the Qi in the chart is flowing. Furthermore, the Dog luck pillar creates a powerful 3 Harmony combination of Yin Wu Xu, which produces Fire, his Wealth element. Wealth is extremely powerful but now the self is strong, so he can 'take' the wealth.

Will the Luck Hold?

Mr Brown's forthcoming book, reputedly named the Solomon Key, is expected to come out in 2007. Will he enjoy the same level of success? In 2008, he will change luck pillars and enter Hai (Pig) Luck. This period will signal intensifying competition and his rivals will prove to be formidable. For his next book to top his current achievement, he will need to make sure the book comes out in early 2007. Furthermore the Hai (Pig) combines with the Yin (Tiger) and the Wu (Horse), weakening his Wealth Luck. Thus, whilst the Hai (Pig) remains a favourable pillar generally, as it contains Water, during that luck pillar, he will not make as much money probably. But then with 250 million in the bank, arguably that is the least of his concerns!

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