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Feng Shui and Astrology for 2005 (Year of the Wood Rooster)

Tuesday, February 8, 2005
By: Joey Yap
All individuals of Chinese descent will gather on the 9th of February 2005 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But did you know that in fact, the Year of the Wood Rooster began on February 4th, 2005, at 1.45am precisely?

Most Chinese people know of the existence of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is used to determine the date of Chinese New Year but running parallel to this Lunar Calendar, is the Chinese Solar Calendar. It is this Solar Calendar that is used for many of the important calculations in Feng Shui and Four Pillars of Destiny (aka BaZi Chinese Astrology). These two calendar’s merge into what is known as the Farmer’s Calendar or Lung Li.

There has been a lot of hoo-hah regarding “Li Chun” (literally meaning the “Coming of Spring”) or the lack of it for this year. Some people say that 2005 has no ‘Spring’ or Li Chun, hence the year of the Wood Rooster is likely to be difficult because there is no growth.

Li Chun is a term derived from the Chinese Solar Calendar and is used to describe the first month of the Chinese Solar Calendar. It does not refer to the first month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. So, in fact, every year has a Li Chun or a Coming of Spring because the Solar Calendar, unlike the Lunar Calendar, does not have ‘missing months’ and the start of every year in the Solar Calendar falls more or less on the same day, which is 4th of February. There is no such concept in Chinese Astrology as a bad year due to the absence of Spring!

What crows the Rooster in 2005? Outlook for 2005

In 2005, the BaZi for the year sees Wood and Earth as the prosperous elements of the year whilst Water, the Wealth Star of the year, is weak. The Earth is prosperous but it is void and cold Earth. Fire is needed to bring warmth and comfort. But as the BaZi of the year only has Ding Fire, the Useful God of the year is not strong. Metal is the next Favourable Element of the Year as it controls the Wood and produces Water which is Wealth. Metal is the Eating God, controlling Wood, the 7 Killings, fulfilling the principle of Eating God Controlling Killings structure.

2005 is a year of deceptive outlook – things seem to be going well, but in actual fact, they are not. Still, it is a year of new beginnings and recognition. Government and leaders will see much progress this year, with the possibility of a recovery in the job market occurring this year. As it is a Peach Blossom year, the entertainment business will have a good year although scandals and relationship problems are also likely to jostle for headlines, hence, enriching those in the media and publishing industries!

Scandals will also bring legal problems and relationships being rocky means more business for the lawyers, especially those in the divorce line! Accordingly, the legal profession can expect a good year in 2005. Those who will also benefit from 2005 are surgeons and doctors, spas, health centers and chiropractors since 2005 is also a year of Wood and Metal clashing, indicating lots of injuries and cutting.

The clash between Wood and Metal in the Year Pillar indicates betrayal, loss of trust and a loss of friendship. On the political scene, expect to see friendships amongst world leaders dissipating due to treachery.

There is a clash between Chou and Wei in the Day and Hour– this is known as a Friend’s Clash and denotes movement. The younger generation will move North to seek education or opportunities. This is supported by the fact that the #4 Green Star enters the Central Palace of the year’s Flying Stars Chart, indicating a focus on self-cultivation, learning and knowledge as the themes for the year.

As Earth is plentiful but not strong in 2005, Metal is needed to help loosen the soil. Properties near water, the sea, lakes, near hills and mountains with a lot of natural surroundings will likely do well.

Health problems that 2005 brings will relate to the Ox and Goat Clash and the Xin You combination sound in this year’s BaZi. Ox and Goat clash indicates the possibility of poisoning, especially in the 2nd half of the year. Blood diseases and heart problems are likely, due to the weak Fire and excess Ji Earth. Ladies must be careful of gynaecological problems and ailments. Injuries due to sharp objects, surgery (including cosmetic surgery), bone and joint problems and injuries are likely to be prevalent in 2005.

Five Yellow

The Li Shi star is in the same palace as the 5 Yellow in Northwest this year. This means that homes Sitting or Facing Northwest should avoid renovations throughout the year.

Three Killings

The Three Killings are in the East. The East is Zhen Gua, which has a 2 Black Star within. The 2 Black star represent sickness. If you have a door in the East sector or sleep in an East sector room – take note. Gua #9 and Gua #7 must be careful of accidents during travel this year. Gua #2 and Gua #8 must be careful of digestive or stomach problems, heart, blood and gall bladder ailments. If you are Gua #1 or Gua #6, this sector will bring health problems that lead to financial difficulties.

Tai Sui

The Tai Sui is in the West sector carrying a #6 Star. If you already sleep or work in a West room, don’t worry – the year will likely bring recognition and status. However, you should avoid renovating or breaking the ground, walls or rooms in the West or you will find injuries, loss of wealth and accidents, especially if you are Gua #1 or Gua #6.

Remember, afflictions are not bad unless you disturb them. A qualified professional Feng Shui master would in fact, be able to tap into San Sha and 5 Yellow to bring in Wealth Qi using special time selection methods. But these must be activated appropriately by a qualified Feng Shui master and should not be experimented with through activation – this is playing with fire.

TIPS for a Better 2005

Personally, I do not advocate the use of cures for every possible affliction or problem. There are often other ways to resolve Feng Shui afflictions that do not require a ‘cure’ or some kind or a placement of various items in every nook and cranny of the home or office. Having said that, you can make small improvements to help moderately enhance the good fortunes the year offers and keep the afflictions at bay.
  • The South is the Wealth sector of the year. A small water feature inside the South sector of your home can help stimulate the #8 Wealth Star in the South. Do not use Fire or Earth as too much of Fire and Earth elements only serve to stagnate the #8 Star. Fire items are electronic items such as televisions or computers or red lights.
  • Water in the South West helps with recognition, fame and nobility. You want mentor-luck? A little water feature in the South West is the key.
  • Some slow moving water (water that flows gently or gently bubbles) in the North will help those who are seeking promotions or an improvement to their financial prospects. It also heralds good news and positive events.
  • The Negative (read: to be avoided!) sector if the North West, where the 5 Yellow star will be for the year 2005. If you can’t avoid the room, weaken the effect of the 5 Yellow by placing metal or copper objects in the North West. Examples of Metal objects are sports trophies or pewter items.
  • The 2 Black star brings illness – Metal objects or a Metal Wu Luo will be able to help reduce the impact.
  • Lawsuits and arguments accompany the #3 Jade Star – reduce it’s impact with a candle or red carpet in the South East.
  • The #7 Red star brings surgery and lawsuits. Redirect the Qi from North East to North in your house.
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