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Where is my Love Corner?

Thursday, February 20, 2003
By: Joey Yap
After addressing the popular concept of a 'wealth corner' in our last issue, I felt the next step would be to explain more about the 'love corner'.

Now this is definitely a controversial topic with many people, attached or otherwise, having spent a considerable amount of wealth trying to 'enhance' this particular nook/cranny of their home.

I cannot begin to tell you the number of heartbroken e-mails I get almost everyday, confessing how desperate they feel and asking how it might be possible to do anything more to 'enhance' their love or relationship corner. Most of them read about this 'feng shui love corner' from the many books in the market.

Sadly, I have to disappoint most of these people. But wait¡­.am I implying that there really is NO such thing as a 'love corner'?

To the joy of many who may be reading this article, there is in fact what can aptly be termed a ¡°Love Corner'. However, it doesn't follow the often mistaken FIXED love corner in the home that so many of us have been bombarded with a countless number of times.

There are certain directions and locations in a property that may help its residents foster 'better relationships.' However, this special location is different in every home and for different individuals. As to the exact, literal translation of a 'love or relationship' corner in Classical Feng Shui - there simply is none.

Fact of the matter is, we've become a society that works on the concept of 'instant gratification'. Everything must and needs to happen, right away. We are sold on the idea of quick fixes to nearly every problem we have - from the common cold to divorces - it can be done within 24 hours. And so we've come to expect that with the Qi of our environment as well.

Feng Shui formulas are over-simplified in a need for authors to churn out more and more books and for practitioners to recommend the next big cure that is a fad in the market. If you take a quick look through the books on the market today, you will see how each book rehashes the same tips with authors simply rewriting their previous misguiding 'tips' in a different way. Every new books becomes an even more watered down and simplified version of the previous one.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying these books are all bad. In fact, I think they have done an excellent job so far of raising the public awareness of Feng Shui. What does concern me however, is how the public will be applying these watered down concepts and creating even more problems rather than the solutions they are looking for. All this in the name of simplicity.

The most straightforward example I can cite would have to be the 'Southwest' sector being regarded as the 'universal love corner', which is supposedly available for you to manipulate at your whims and fancy. And lo and behold a whole host of so-called 'Feng Shui Cures' make their appearance on the scene almost overnight. Some will even try to pass off the cures as being authentic by making references to how the Southwest sector is of the element of Earth (in the cycle of the Five Elements) and how their cures can enhance this sector.

So, you will walk into a friend's house and find a pair of 'love ducks' facing the door, with some other 'love' trinket hanging around its neck. If they're lucky, they haven't yet spent more money buying expansive 'romance' pendants and jewellery.

While the authors propagating this sort of information may (or may not) know that Feng Shui cannot be so generically applied, you can bet that unsuspecting readers will be lining up to follow their advice. No matter how impractical or nonsensical it may seem.

Some may argue that certain schools of Feng Shui actually follow this Southwest-is-love-corner formula as well. However, all Feng Shui knowledge needs to come from the basics and can be traced back as such. I mean no disrespect here, but my extensive research on the Chinese classics, Chinese texts and even with experienced Masters has shown absolutely NO link whatsoever to this concept of having your 'love corner' in the Southwest sector of your home. There is no trace to any classical texts on this particular notion of ¡°southwest being a universal love corner¡±. So, the only conclusion I can deduce from this would be to note that this concept may very well be a very new quick-fix solution.

Last year, 2002, the Southwest sector did indeed have the annual #4 star there (based on Xuan Kong or Flying Star Feng Shui theories) and hence some relationship enhancing capabilities. But keep in mind that this year, the #3 star is in the Southwest and those continuing to use this sector can expect arguments, breakups and even divorces if this sector is wrongly activated this year.

Feng Shui is a science and I encourage my students, clients and readers to go about their study of it with an inquisitive mind. Every formula must be explicable - trying to explain the Southwest as the 'love corner' merely by saying that it is the 'Kun gua' is unacceptable. The answer needs to be at least logical to satisfy any serious Feng Shui practitioner.

This year, use the East sector instead if you are looking for love or are trying to improve your existing relationship. The annual cycle of Qi, the #4 star, is in the East and could go a long way towards helping relationships. If you are looking for a quick fix - there's your quick-fix solution right there!

Like everything else in life, Qi is dynamic and changes from year to year. Nothing is permanently good or bad. As a general rule, there are two types of Qi that help foster better relationships - the stars #4 and #9. In the year 2003, the #4 star is in the East, so use this area as much as possible. If you cannot physically be in the East, implement a small water feature in this sector that will help strengthen the influence of the #4 Qi. Nothing fancy, just a small vase filled with water and some plants that grow on water.

The idea of using water in this area is to provide an avenue for the good Qi to collect and benefit you. Naturally, for a more stable, long lasting solution, you will need to evaluate your home and identify areas where the potential of the Qi allows for better relationships and better romance luck. A trained Feng Shui professional will be able to help you with this.

Even if there are no specific 'love corners', there are specific types of Qi that help you build a relationship and make you happy and cheerful - a more pleasant person to be around. And all this of course, leads to you having all the qualities that naturally attract people to you.

Do keep in mind, Feng Shui cannot bring you love; it can only bring you the potential for it. How you go about from there on is wholely dependant on you.

Have a Happy Valentines!

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