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Blind Theory

Wednesday, February 26, 2003
By: Joey Yap

Water formulas are tricky business. They require very exacting calculations and application of formulae and even then so many other requirements make it positively a Russian roulette game for the inexperienced.

Which was where the trouble really started when I met an acquaintance at a Chinese New Year party very recently. He took me aside and explained why he looked so haggard, like a man possessed.

He recently applied a water formula. “By the book”, he said, “just as the formula prescribed, exact degree, exact entry and exit. Just like I was told in person.”

”I don’t have a million dollars yet….I have more to lose - my mother-in-laws medical bills and car repair bills to pay”. It almost seemed like he was reading me a very expensive menu after I’d eaten the food.

He was under the impression that Water formulas override all other Feng Shui formulas and theories (I assume he was referring to the traditional 8 Mansions and Flying Stars). At least, this was the impression that was given to him.

“This application was supposed to make me millions of dollars”, he argued. “Instead, my mother in law broke her hips, I had a terrible car accident costing me a fortune and on top of all that my boss wants me to take a pay cut or leave!”

Although I kept a smile on my face, it was pretty obvious he wasn’t going to let me leave the party till he got a straight answer.

So, we sat down and I outlined the facts of the case:

  • His house faces N2 (both Heaven and Earth plates)
  • His water feature – from left to right, bypasses his front door. Exiting at a specifically given degree of 42 degrees, (Heaven Plate Chou (Ox) direction).
  • Water enters from 240 degrees – SW3 (Heaven plate).
  • Our water formulae enthusiast started constructing it last year and it was just completed in January. By late January 2003, it was all systems go for a large wealthy millionaire in the making (according to his idea of a Water dragon).
  • He also sleeps in a Northwest room.

My Simple Analysis

As I began probing his application a bit more, it became obvious what he had done wrong. I naturally asked him if he had considered the Flying Stars when building the Water structure. He shook his head and indicated that he was given the impression that it was not important where Water feng shui was concerned. First big mistake!

I also learned that he was born in 1961 – Gua #3 and born in the year of the Metal Ox (Xin Chou). He was also facing his ‘Heavenly Doctor’ direction, which he rightly believed to be good.

  • House Facing North 2 in Period 7:
    Northeast palace, has a 5-9 combination. Water is then exiting at the #9 facing star. This star, as we get closer to Period 8, is already a very important star. It governs ‘potential’ money related matters, business and investment relations. Water going OUT here, ‘pushes’ away this benevolent Qi.
  • Secondly, Ox, is HIS own life’s animal sign. Meaning, it is HIS Tai-Sui. He has water exiting as his own Tai Sui. This year is the Year of the Goat. Goat clashes with his life as well as with his water exit.

From this alone, I had to conclude that this water setup was not suitable for him. He was heartbroken, to say the least.

Different structures have varying requirements when applying water formulas. Although the formula may appear to be the same, but the application is usually quite different. A property must first be ‘qualified’ for Water to be used because not every property will benefit from such an application.

A number of criteria to consider. If the land is not ‘fit’ to have water, even with the correct formula in place, it will still be ineffective. His was such a case. The property simply is not conducive for a Water formation.

As pure Yang cannot exist, neither can pure Yin on its own. Think about it, can we ONLY have water without mountains? This factor needs to be satisfied in order to be a so-called ‘millionaire-producing’ structure. The quality of such a site also determines the eventual outcome of this formula. Such formations are unfortunately, rare and few in-between. Finding just such a structure these days becomes a problem.

In this present setup that he has, Water comes in from the Southwest 3 quadrant of the Heaven Plate. This is coming from the ‘3’ Period Luck and is not regarded as the right type of Qi to usher into your home. To put it simply, it is out of luck.

Next, when you consider advance ‘Life Palace’ and ‘Shifting Palace’ Xuan Kong analysis, the #2 star has entered the #1 Kan at the door. The Kan palace houses the #3 Base Star, - which in this case, represents him.

Upon ‘shifting’ the secondary star (Qi) into the Central and re-flying it in the grid, you will find that the #9 star (which was originally hurt by the water exit of the house) has entered the Xun palace. Among other things, the Xun palace represents the hips.

HeTu principles indicate that the #9 and #4 tend to combine – a successful combination will result in Metal. This Metal is said to ‘hurt’ Wood. The Gua that is affected is #2 because it has ‘revealed’ itself in the Kan palace. In this case the #2 represents his mother-in-law.

The #8 star, which represents the limbs and back of the body, encounters the #9 star this month. The original ‘metal’ star #7 has entered the actual Kun palace (according to Shifting Palace method), meeting with the original annual and monthly 3-2. Not to forget, he is in the NW room with the original 3-2 meeting the monthly#7. The stars there indicate trouble as well. So I believe that his mother-in-law may have also hurt her hands and limbs in the fall.

His car accident is easily derived as well. His own Gua, Life Palace and Bedroom are all indicative of this. The excessively strong Wood Qi encounters a very strong clash in the form of Metal Qi. Such an interaction between these elements indicates possible road accidents.

By the end of my whole discourse, I could see that he was looking for a solution to his problem – not just a reason as to why things weren’t working out.

In this case, with not many options left, the easiest way to alleviate some of the problems is to stop the Water. Then move the door to the Northeast sector so that things will improve even further when Period 8 rolls around. After some of the Feng Shui advice, I also recommended him not to take things at face value from now on. Water Feng Shui is complicated. Studying it is the easy part, application takes time to master. I asked him to go back to his teacher and ask for explanation and help.

Key Points: Water Feng Shui does not override all other formulae and theories and these should be considered in conjunction when applying Water.

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