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Hoo Hah About Period 8

Thursday, March 13, 2003
By: Joey Yap

Just listening to the radio these days you would think the world was coming to an end on February 4th 2004. What with all the hype about Period 8, it reminds me of the millennium all over again when computers the world over were expected to come crashing down and the world thrown into chaos.

Naturally, Period 8 is an important transition where Feng Shui is concerned, but it’s being exploited and used to scare people into buying items for ‘renewing the luck’ of their home or force them to undertake huge and massive renovations.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept of the different Periods, I will elaborate a bit more here.

February 3rd 2004 will mark the end of what is known as Period 7. So, we are effectively in the final year of Period 7.

In Feng Shui, the element of TIME is crucial. No home or office enjoys good luck or bad luck forever. The factor of Time is an important element that must be taken into consideration when performing a Feng Shui analysis. In fact, all Classical schools of Feng Shui (San Yuan, San He, Xuan Kong and even Ba Zhai < Eight Mansions>) also refer to the Time aspect in their classical texts. No Feng Shui assessment can be considered comprehensive unless the concept of Time is factored in.

Different systems of Feng Shui use different methods of analyzing Time. Flying Star (or Xuan Kong Fey Xing) Feng Shui is one of the more popular systems of Time Dimension Feng Shui practiced today. It is widely accepted as the most potent form of Classical Feng Shui and offers the most scientific and logical formulas.

It is this system of Feng Shui that is being referred to when the Feng Shui of Period 8 is brought up. In Flying Star Feng Shui, TIME is divided into 20-Year cycles. Each cycle of 20 years is known as a ‘Period’. There are 9 Periods in total which cover a span of 180 years – a Grand Cycle.

The ‘Periods’ are used to describe the cyclical pattern of Qi. Different types of Qi have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the Period in reference. I may have also referred to this before as the ‘timeliness’ of a certain type of Qi.

In a Feng Shui consultation, we try to assess how the present Qi of the property will affect the residents in a certain Period and over time.

Period 7 was governed by the Dui Gua(Trigram) – #7. Dui represents the West, young women, technology, communication and metaphysics. In Period 7, all these aspects saw a heightened focus and advancement.

On February 4 2004, we officially enter Period 8. There will be a shift in energies and the Gen Trigram(#8) will take over. The energies of Gen will shift the focus to young caliber men; many will do well, mountains, self-cultivation and overall stability. These are basic attributes of the Gen trigram.

The Hoo Hah About Period 8 – refers to the unfounded FEAR that people have about this impending change. I have had more than one question where a frantic Period 7 homeowner wants to know if his house will ‘instantly lose it’s Qi’ once we move into Period 8.

They fear that the 7 Star which brought about their good fortune will revert back to it’s original negative self and bring about it’s destructive effects – injuries, blood related accidents, robberies and violence.

Many people are naturally considering ‘Changing the Period’ of their house or office. But do keep in mind that a change of period requires extensive work and involves serious renovations, which include the changing the roof and new main doors.

This is a simple case of people being afraid of what they do not understand. My advice to you would be to…..relax. A little information can be a dangerous thing.

Not all houses in Period 7 need to be changed to a Period 8 house. Even some Period 6 charts can still be beneficial in Period 8. In the same token, some Period 8 houses present many disappointingly unusable areas. It all depends on how the house is laid out and how the environment helps empower the house. Every chart in every Period has an equal number of stars in the 9 Palaces. It is up to the skill of a Feng Shui practitioner to activate or deactivate certain areas and make them beneficial to the residents.

It is not the Period of the house that matters; it is how the stars in the house are managed. Remember this important key point.

Whereas in Period 7, we tapped into the #7 Star as the Wealth star, we similarly need to find the location of the #8 Star in the house’s Flying Star chart and tap into it for Period 8. If the house’s internal and external factors are conducive, you will enjoy the same (if not better) fortunes in the coming Period. See, no problem to it. !

In fact a skilled Feng Shui practitioner would have already begun advising his clients to tap into the Period 8 stars.

There is no such thing as an instant change in vitality and Qi strength when a Period transition occurs. No sensible practitioner or Feng Shui teacher would go around scaring people out of their wits with such a theory.

If you’re hearing about the ‘instant bad luck’ concept, it’s merely a rumour that has blown things out of proportion. There is definitely a shift in the Qi pattern but bear in mind that Qi moves in a CYCLICAL fashion. Shifts in this case are gradual and not immediate.

Experienced Feng Shui practitioners will have already seen that the #7 Star began to lose it’s vitality even as far back as year 2000.

When Period 8 rolls around, the early stages of it will see the #7 Star entering the ‘Retreating Qi’ stage. At this point it slowly (not instantly) reverts back to it’s original evil nature. So, there is still some time left to make any changes you’re planning to undertake. Unless of course you have negative environmental features that quickens the negative aspects of the #7 star, otherwise things would be just fine.

Newcomers to Flying Star Feng Shui may want to use the following checklist to handle their Period 8 considerations:

First ascertain the Flying Star Chart for your home. You need to know the exact facing direction of your home; if you are uncertain about this, get a friend who’s experienced in this to help you out. If you need to quickly plot out the Flying Star Chart of your home or office, use the handy Flying Star Software on my site, just click on the link below:

Flying Star Software:

Now, take a look at the location of your main door and the stars in that sector. If the Facing Star is a #7 or #6, then you need to make some changes. However, if your door has the good fortune of being located where there’s a facing #8 or #9 Stars, then there is no need to do anything. You will have good fortune in Period 8.

It is an incorrect assumption that many people make when they jump to the conclusion that you need to change your house to Period 8 to enjoy good Feng Shui. Be very careful when you do decide to switch over to a Period 8 house. A change can often do more damage than good; especially in cases where the environment is not supportive of your home.

An example of this would be a North 1 house in Period 7. When it enters Period 8, the #8 Facing Star in the front of the property now benefits the occupants of the residence. If you were to simply renovate this house, you may lose out on this benefit.

If your home does not have doors opening in the #8 or #9 Facing stars, then consider activating it by placing a Water feature in the area when Period 8 rolls around.

I always recommend having your house plans audited by a Professional Feng Shui Consultant if you do plan to make any major changes or renovations to your home. You may not even need a full consultation if all you are looking to do is address the change of period issue. Sometimes a half an hour with a consultant will do you a world of good.

Doing it yourself is an option if you don’t mind a certain amount of experimentation. Plot out your Flying Star Chart and then locate your Main Door (sector) and any other doors where the prosperous #8 and #9 Facing Stars are located. Important bedrooms should be placed where the #8, #9 or #1 Sitting Stars are found.

This applies regardless of what Period chart your home may have. Just keep in mind that good Facing Stars need the right forms as well to be activated. Use External and Internal water and mountains to activate the stars accordingly.

I hope this article has served to easy your mind regarding the Hoo-Hah about Period 8. If you wish to study more about Xuan Kong Feng Shui, I recommend that you consider enrolling in my Homestudy course – Xuan Kong Vol.1 or the Xuan Kong 10-Day Video Coaching Program. These courses cover the Flying Star System of Feng Shui comprehensively. Click to on the link below for more information:

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