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Question Posted: 19 Aug 2011 at 11:28:07 AM
Hi Joey You are right! 

The power of X has indeed added a lot of colors to the details found on our Bazi chart. I am one of the lucky few who attended your book launch on 12 Aug. Having read and understood the ten gods in broad analysis, I am already looking forward to your 4th book in the Bazi Destiny Code. I will be delighted if you can cover this topic extensively in a one-day event (just like Wealth and Destiny). 

Attending a one-day event like this certainly help to reinforce our learning and see things in right perspective, especially useful for people who are learning Bazi on their own. Personally, I enjoy putting the information together presented in book 1, 2 and 3. Throughout the process, I discovered much about my own strengths and weaknesses. Not only it has helped me to heightened my own self awareness, bazi analysis has also given me the much needed yet obscure insight into other people's personality and why they behave the way they do. 

 For the greater good of mankind, I just wish that more people will get the opportunity or be open enough to learn more about Bazi analysis so that they can used the knowledge gained to build better and more loving relationships with their loved ones. I know this may sound a little unorthodox, but i hope there will come a day where counselors, social workers and psychologists alike are trained to read chinese bazi chart or western astrological chart so that they can serve their clients even better and bring out the best in them. 

 Best if they can learn from you because not only you have made this super-abstract-yet-technical subject so systematic and easy-to-follow, you have also provided the relevancy for people to relate to. Just a random idea: Maybe you can even consider having an extended business arm to match people with the right characteristics traits to employers looking for talents. Joey, besides sharing some of my personal views, I also have a few questions that I would like to seek clarity from you. 

 Here's my dilemma: I have been working since 1996, but in all honesty, for the last few years, it has been a roller coaster ride for me both professionally and financially. I am now contemplating to return to the workforce again, but my boyfriend prefers me not to work for others. He is not hesitant about supporting me financially. At the same time, he would like me to work along with him in running our own 'start up business. 

 Question 1: I found out lately from your book what it means when I don't have Direct Wealth, Seven Killings and Indirect Wealth. If I interpret correctly, it means that I am not "naturally entreprenurial" and have difficulty starting own business! In such case, would i still be "valuable" to my boyfriend in running a business with him, and how successful would we be? His top 3 profiles strength are: a) Indirect wealth (93%) b) Direct wealth (88%) c) Hurting Officer (69%) Missing in his chart are Indirect Resource, Direct Officer and Rob Wealth. 

 Question 2: Would I be better off working for some companies or should I work towards a professional career? My top 3 profiles strength are: a) Direct officer (88%) b) Indirect resource (70%) c) Direct resource (60%) Missing in my chart are Direct Wealth, Seven Killings and Indirect Wealth :( 

 Question 3: Looking at both our top 3 profiles strength and missing stars, is this a case of "opposite attraction"? Where relationship is concerned, how useful or compatible would it be for a couple to have "complementary chart" like ours? 

Question 4: Looking at the Spouse palace, do the Stars in the palace describe the characteristics of our partner? Or do they describe our own characteristic traits in a relationship (as described under "intimate profile"? And how much damages would that be when stars clashes internally in the chart? 

 Question 5: What are the merits of Zi Wei Dou Shu over Bazi? Of the 2 Chinese Astrology systems, which is a closer "sibling" to western astrological natal chart analysis. I briefly read somewhere that the 5 elements are Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, and I am wonder how possible it is to synthesize both western and chinese astrology. 

 Joey, as presented above, I certainly cannot address my own dilemma using the limited Bazi knowledge that I have right now. As I continue to deepen my understanding on astrology, I look forward to your advice and clarification at the same time. I am grateful for this opportunity and I thank you for your time and advice. Best regards
Answered: 15 Sep 2011 at 12:17:06 PM
Dear LC Tan, 

Many thanks for your post and your kind feedback. It is always heartwarming to receive feedback like yours. Hope that one that you may consider pursuing a sidecareer as a BaZi consultant. You certainly have the stars for it based on your chart. 

Here are my answers: 

Q1: How succesful depends on what options you guys are presented in your LUCK PILLARS and what decisions you make during those options. Your value comes from Operations and support. 

Q2. You work much better in a structured system. Hence it's better to find the 'right horse' to bet on and work your way up there. 

Q3. These two approachers are different but not better than the other. It's about what we value in each other. 

Q4. They represent what we look for in our apartment. Intimate profile is different. This profile represents how we behave in a relationship. 

Q5. Zi Wei and Western Astrology are a different systems, equally effective and accurate. No need to synthesize both systems the same way you don't want to synthesize Chinese Food with Steak. They are great as they are. 

Warm Regards,




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